Chief: Police in Maryland city shot man fatally

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According to the authorities, the police in Frederick, Maryland, fatally shot a man with a knife during a weekend. This happened at the time of an encounter as he had ignored the police’s command to drop the weapon. This was further stated and validated according to the police chief of the city and also by the office of the state attorney general. Frederick Police Department officers recently visited an apartment around 6:20 p.m. chief Jason Lando said in a recent news conference that a man wanted a parole or probation violation.

A brief of the scene

The officers had entered the residence. According to Lando, a woman did answer the door, and then they discovered the man in a closet. The officers started speaking with the ma, delivering him commands to drop the knife. The Independent Investigations Division of the attorney general’s office is probing the same incident.
The news revealed, “The man then rapidly moved toward one of the officers with the knife in front of him. At that point, two officers discharged their firearms, striking the man.” Officers then called for an ambulance,e and attempted to resuscitate the man. However, neither the officers involved in the case nor the suspect was identified immediately after that!
According to the attorney general’s office, all the officers on the scene were equipped with body cameras recording the encounter. However, the footage was,s however, available within 14 days of the incident.

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