Character’s unsatisfying ending: Winds of Winter could improve!

It has been more than nine years since George R.R. Martin had published a book in a song of ice and fire series. 

The readers have been waiting with curiosity for the release of The Winds of Winter for a long  time. Martin has made some progress on the novel since its release of a handful of sample chapters from a few years ago. This year’s pandemic has sped up his writing process, with the need for social distancing had sent him to his cabin to (hopefully) finish the novel.

He did suggest that The Winds of Winter draft will be submitted by some point in the coming year. Martin has also hinted that he has been spending a lot of time writing a handful of characters, including that of the “girl with no name, over there in Braavos,” otherwise known as Arya Stark. Martin recently made a choice to leave out Arya’s name in his post thereby hinting at Arya’s evolution as a member of the Faceless Men. She was under the training to kill without question, the one of becoming a child soldier heeding Jaqen H’ghar’s orders to serve a higher purpose. Now the question is “would she carry on this path of murder and mayhem?,” and “Will she head back to Winterfell, like her HBO counterpart?”

Arya stands with Jaqen H’ghar. Will she transform into no one for good?HBO

Arya uses the skills as she learned with the secret society of assassins to kill Walder Frey In Game of Thrones. Post returning to her family, Arya kills the Night King during the Battle of Winterfell and that’s when she was last seen sailing away from Westeros to seek out new adventures.

The HBO series never truly diverts from her path as a killer. We did see her spending time with the Faceless Men. Arya’s entire arc has been shaped by gruesome murder plots and death. The Winds of Winter has got the opportunity to course-correct and develop Arya beyond her vengeful past.

Arya’s identity crisis

Arya’s journey has been solely about self-discovery. Sansa was being primed for marriage to Joffrey Baratheon and she further enjoyed the status that came with being a noblewoman. On the other hand, Arya was not too keen on marriage or societal traditions and that’s when she constantly spoke her mind irrespective of the occasion. It was being said that Arya should rather learn to fight at first instead of banging her head into family politics. 

Arya did come a long way since her early days.HBO

Everything changed after Arya and Sansa accompanied their father, Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark, to King’s Landing. Arya had witnessed his death, and that tragedy had finally raised his thirst for revenge. Arya began to lose parts of her identity over the course of this journey. She even went so far as to kill people out of her hit list, including Dareon, a singer and deserter of the Night’s Watch. 

Although a lot of people thought her to be dead, Arya was free to be just as she wanted to be! However, she went of frrlokh aloof at times, as she had lost connection to her past life. 


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