Characters of Outcast Season 3

Zhang Chulan was a typical kid growing fast while living a carefree life. However, his grandfather kept a secret hidden all his life. So, what’s that? Well, he possessed knowledge about ancient martial arts.

Even though he repeatedly warned Zhang from doing things that are not “usual.” Now, he is no more, the grown-up kid faces changes, and the “once-kept” secrets resurface. It was not awkward for him to see a girl digging a grave. While walking in the graveyard, he was attracted to the place where the scream was coming. Upon reaching, he received a blow and was inside the pit in a split second. The plot moves forward with how he gets in touch with a girl, followed by subsequent encounters he has to face against the forces of zombies. (The Outcast Season 3: All Information Related To The Third Season)

Characters of Outcast Season 3

Zhang Chulan / ChōSoran 

Zhang Chulan is an anime character depicted as strong, tough, sturdy, and muscular. He is shown to be a college student who has inherited an exceptional, priceless, and consequential martial arts technique known as “Kitaigen” that uses Qi. 

His grandfather was the one who passed the knowledge to his grandson. A family secret that requires this hidden talent not to be disclosed, the grandfather kept the secret hidden and protected. Now that he is no more, Zhang Chulan gets it. As someone with an excellent appetite for unraveling and unearthing the unknown, Zhang goes overboard in unraveling mysteries. This requires him to know and learn his Granddad’s history. Being an Outsider, he has got the current status due to the training he received from his grandfather. Considering this physical appearance, he is more of a rough and tough guy, which his distinctive gray eyes can clearly distinguish, along with long hair that is just medium. 

FengBaobao / FūHōhō

Feng Bao Bao’s character in the Outcast series is undeniable and can’t be overlooked. She has a significant role, and the limelight revolves around her. The series highlights how she opens up her past secrets that she altogether forgoes. There are acrobatic girls like Feng who are good fighters despite not acquiring any martial arts training. Working for an express delivery company, she feels the need to keep herself safe and secure, as this attribute is authenticated by the way where she holds a knife handy. So that she can use it when confronted with a challenging situation such as a battle. The series has repeatedly hinted about proximity that Feng is somewhere related to Soran’s grandfather. If things are closely monitored, then it is known that Feng has been alive for over a century now. Additionally, her appearance and youthfulness are contrary. She has long, straight hair, big black eyes, and a pale appearance. She mostly has a dull smile; in short,

she has a ghoulish appearance. 

Xu San / Jo San

When operations are successfully done, then the role of responsible people is praised. Quite like Xu San, who is an employee of Express Delivery Company, had the onus to conduct smooth operations that were devoid of any disruption and confusion. After all, his role of employing all Outsiders for the company became crucial and significant as his slight mistake may hamper the day-to-day work of the company. After all, it is said that great power comes with great responsibility, and he has to do it well. Being an Outsider, he was knowledgeable about manifesting his Qi to control inanimate objects through his supernatural abilities. His physical appearance is quite attractive, and his tall personality and the way he wears special rectangular glasses create a different persona. He wears a white shirt underneath the black coat and dons short black hair. 

Xu Si / Jo Yon

Xu Si / Jo Yon is also employed with the Express Delivery Company. To give him support and company is his elder brother, Xuu Sa,n, who also works there. He is an Outsider, just like his brother. Adding on, he proudly sports rough stubble on his chin and has grown white hair long enough to create a unique and undeniable appearance. He was talking further about how he dresses up or the attire he prefers to adopt, his outstanding feature of wearing a soft white shirt underneath a brown baggy jacket gives him a special and unique appearance. 

Tuhouzi / Saru

Continuing with the list of Outsiders characters, here is one more, namely, Tuhouzi / Saru. He can burrow holes underground as this feature becomes easy, considering how he uses Qi to his advantage to make this difficult task look so quick. So, why he creates holes? He has his agenda, so traveling from one place to another becomes easy. Working for Express Delivery Company, he knew that he could easily do the same whenever and wherever he wanted, thanks to the hidden talent he was associated with. 

Zhang Xilin / Chō Shakurin

What makes characters great, unique, and memorable is how they possess certain qualities and talents and use them to create a ‘difference’ in power. Continuing further is Zhang Xilin, who is the grandfather of Cho Shoran. It is a known fact that he has a mysterious connection with various other series characters. After all, it is with reason that he is known to be the master of Qi and has an apparent association to be referred to as one of the most influential figures in the world of Outsiders. He has an oozing talent in the martial arts form and is considered a leader with loads of martial arts skills. 

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