Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet Recognized as CEO of the year at the Yale Club in New York City

Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet is definitely a dedicated businessman who has been doing well in the industry thereby enabling the digital payments to grow through leaps and bounds. He has smartly taken the advantage of the loopholes in the industry of payments and thus, he has paved various ways to take businesses out of it. The company has made a good reputation about itself in the market, so much so that everyone seems to be knowing about it. Besides, the CEO has been inspiring the youth so that they also start dreaming, and also, start working towards making it true. 

There is no doubt about the fact that Dr Andy Khawaja has been a role model for a lot of young entrepreneurs who have been aspiring to become something. Dr Andy Khawaja is certainly an inspiration and he has been encouraging the young people to dream bigger, and thus, work upon making it true. Recently, the organization, Allied Wallet has been recognised along with its CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja who was titled as the CEO of the year by the Annual IAIR awards at the Yale Club in the New York City. The IAIR awards celebrated its excellence that has helped in the sustainability of the organization as a whole. Overall, this company has been improving over the years and today, it has grown up to become one of the leading entrepreurial companies in the financial, legal, banking and the insurance industry. 

Andy Khawaja: American CEO summit

Recently, Dr Andy Khawaja was aaj to participate in the American CEO summit that was basically comprised of the successful CEOs all over the globe. The panel members out there usually had several business leaders from different strategic countries who are influencing the industry of investment and helping in its growth. The CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja further said, “It was an honor to be recognised by the IAIR Awards, and to be asked to offer my voice and opinions in regards to strategy and growth. With Allied Wallet and the team, I’ve put together, we have been able to build a multi-billion dollar business.” He further continued, “Along with Graciela Chichilinisky and Carl McMahon, we were able to have a valuable and positive discussion about global economy.” 

Andy Khawaja titled as the Entrepreneur of the Year

Dr Andy Khawaja has been really successful influencing a lot of young minds and his motivational speaking and entrepreneurial success has helped him reach such heights. He even said that every day things appear to get bigger and better to him. Also, he said that he cannot wait to see what the future has got in store. None the less, he is regarded as the CEO and Entrepreneur of the Year by the IAIR awards and Start Your Business Magazine this year. We further hope that Dr Andy Khawaja is moving ahead to become the “CEO of the Decade.”

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