CEO of the Year at the Yale Club in New York City - Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet Recognized

CEO of the Year at the Yale Club in New York City – Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet Recognized

Allied Wallet has now become a big name in the digital payments’ industry. The CEO, Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet has become a global figure and all this had been possible only due to the success of his organization. Consequently, it has become important to acknowledge the consistent hard work and effort of the team that has made the dream come true. Allied Wallet is a global leading provider of online credit card processing, and is also known for its multi-currency merchant services. Besides, the company is also recognized as a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. Recently, Allied Wallet was recognized as the CEO of the Year by the Annual IAIR Awards at the Yale Club in New York City. The IAIR Awards celebrates its excellence in the global economy and is also known for its sustainability. It is the Awards ceremony where most of the important entrepreneurial companies in the financial, legal, insurance, and banking spaces are awarded and celebrated for their success.

Dr Andy Khawaja: Participating in the American CEO Summit

Mr. Andy Khawaja was asked to participate in the American CEO Summit and he was regarded for his success in the digital payments industry. The summit came up with a panel that consisted of some of the most successful CEOs in the world. The panel members discussed several key topics including the ones that resembled the most strategic countries for investments and growth.

The CEO Andy Khawaja said, “It was an honor to be recognized by the IAIR Awards, and to be asked to offer my voice and opinions in regards to strategy and growth. With Allied Wallet and the team, I’ve put together, we’ve been able to build a multi-billion-dollar business.” He further added on saying, “Along with Graciela Chichilnisky and Carl McMahon, we were able to have a valuable and positive discussion about global economy.”

Indeed, the event was a successful one and the best part about it is that all the big heads came up with several highlights and new dimensions that made this event worth all the appraisal. CEO Andy Khawaja’s awards and speaking engagements are certainly one of the best in the category. He has been recognized globally for his entrepreneurial success and his expertise in the domain of motivational speaking.

Andy Khawaja: A man of hope

Andy Khawaja said that each and every day, things are getting bigger and better. He said that he can’t wait to see what the future holds. He further said that he has been waiting to show everyone what he has got in store for the future. Mr. Andy Khawaja was recognized as the CEO and Entrepreneur of the Year by the IAIR Awards and Start Your Business Magazine this year. He also got the title of the “CEO of the Decade” from his young fans for whom he has been no less than an inspiration.

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