CEO Dr. Andy Khawaja discusses about accepting Global payment online

Dr. Andy Khawaja in a discussion with Start Your Business Magazine, tells about the current scenario of global e-commerce. Yes, he further talks about the success which his company, namely Allied Wallet has achieved.  The article titled as “The Boss” highlights how Allied Wallet is referred to as a popular global service platform for accepting online payments. 

Dr. Andy Khawaja’s struggles and hard work has earned him the reputation of being an entrepreneur who has global reach. He is no doubt CEO of Allied Wallet. He is a global leader towards online credit card processing. 

He also throws light on multi-currency merchant services. The Allied Wallet offers top notch safety and security, as it is considered as PCI level 1 secured payment gateway. 

Allied Wallet has given an easy and new meaning for the payment structure. The organization has enabled different mobile devices as well as websites to easily accept payment. 

Allied Wallet and its associated services

Andy Khawaja discloses about the business related practices which his organization Allied Wallet embarks upon. He also throws light on the immense difference which easy and secure payment structure can actually bring to the whole payment structure, cutting across geographical boundaries. 

Allied Wallet believes that sensitizing people and making them aware is the only option for a bright and fruitful future. The common masses have to be knowledgeable and that’s the only way for tapping their potential. Dr. Andy Khawaja shares about how he used to be studios right from earlier times. He said that instead of passing time, he preferred to travel far and wide for consolidating Allied Wallet as a brand. Yes, that’s exactly was the prime motive to create a better approach as a leader of card payment technology. 

He further said that he isn’t going to take rest, till the time he sees the ecommerce platform witnessing a herculean change. He has already undergone a promising start by developing an intelligent system which is safe and secure to be adapted, and till the time people are going to adopt it, he will selflessly continue to work even harder.

He further said that he had to minutely observe a series of different tasks right from how payment should be processed to making it easy and safe for the clients as well. 

Andy Khawaja credits his team for the success of his company 

Dr. Andy Khawaja is a hard worker and due to his immense and continuous struggles since years for building the team and to create a safer and easy payment gateway mechanism, he has been globally acclaimed for his contribution. He has already claimed to create a revolution of sorts by changing the concept of e-commerce transactions. He is proud of developing a simple and sophisticated system which can be safely adopted by people and that no one has any problem towards using for their daily transactions. 

“The Boss” is going to lead the company towards a prosperous future as the specific focus has been laid on countries in the form of Chine, India and Brazil. This couldn’t have been possible without the contribution and leadership of Andy Khawaja as he is all set to bag another Entrepreneur of the Year award.

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