CEO Andy Khawaja Talks Fintech and Allied Wallet Live on Fox Business Network

CEO Andy Khawaja Talks Fintech and Allied Wallet Live on Fox Business Network

The CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet is regarded as a globally leading provider of online payment processing. He is also known for offering various payment solutions in 196 countries all over the world. He was recently featured on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. his speech went live in a feature that recognized his technological and business achievements. Since the year 2007, Varney & Co. has been hosted by Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network. It is regarded as the highest rated market program on the television. He has been recognized for decades over there for his excellence in the field of journalism.

Dr Andy Khawaja: Stuart Varney discussion

Dr. Andy Khawaja sat down with Stuart Varney. They were set upon to discuss the success of online and mobile applications. Further, their conversation was carried forward to discuss the reach of digital payments. It further talked about how much of a necessity the internet has become to our society. He even admitted the fact that just over thirteen years ago that many people thought him to be crazy for his vision of payments online. He even went on saying that a lot of people criticized him at that time for this! There were quite a lot of them who didn’t support his vision and the connections that he wanted to create. However, he persisted in working out with those things and attributes much of his success to the country that allowed him to flourish – the United States of America.

Dr Andy Khawaja: Fighter

Dr Andy Khawaja said that it is essential to keep working all the way. He said that nothing comes easy, and so was the same with his growth of the company as well. He went on saying that the journey was really very difficult, but that could however, not compel him to go down by any chance. He said that one should have dreams as it is only when we have dreams that we keep working for it. At the same time, the entrepreneur says that the youth of today should not lose hope. They need to keep faith upon themselves and keep working in order to reach that goal. 

Dr. Andy Khawaja said, “I’m a fighter, and I fight very hard – and you know – I am where I am today.” Stuart Varney offered Khawaja a sincere congratulatory response on this statement. Certainly, his words reveal that it is all because of his hard work and determination that he has reached so far. He further said that the best thing in him is that he never accepts defeat beforehand. He, thus, wanted to convey a message to the young entrepreneurs that they should also not refuse to work hard. Dr. Andy Khawaja proudly accepted Stuart Varney’s invitation. He promised to come back to the show very soon to shed more light on technological innovation and e-commerce.

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