what is EBravo.pk

eBravo is basically an Infotainment portal that includes news, Islamic material, movies, music, games, flash Games, and more. It also allows you to keep yourself updated about the latest wallpapers, chat, Radio, greeting cards and much more. The best thing about this portal is that it will never let you feel bored, as you would…

Putlocker 2020 – Best Movies Download Website is it legal?

Putlocker 2020 – Best Movies Download Website is it legal?

Putlocker is the best to download movies and your favorite TV shows. Although Piracy is illegal, most people are using this way to download their favorite movies and shows. This affects the whole entertainment industry because it is happening without permission. There are many websites which are involved in this crime and provide piracy movies…

The Miniature Studio Can turn Yourself Into A Bobblehead

In the past few years, the custom bobbleheads tend to be one of the most popular gifts. There is no wonder that most of the customers are willing to buy the best custom bobbleheads. The Miniature Studio, An Indian based bobblehead company can turn your picture into a customized handmade bobblehead. What is a bobblehead?   a…

PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X: Detailed comparison of Next-Gen Console Specs

Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 5 and revealed more of the next-gen console’s specs. Having those details in hand, we can start comparing the next-gen Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation. Ofcourse, we don’t have enough to give a perfect comparison between Project Scarlett and the PS5, but we can work on what is already available….