New Study Could Prove To Be Valuable For Patients With Concussions

A new study examines what occurs in the brain at the neuronal level during a concussion and shows just how a hit to the head leads to swelling along the axon of... Read more »

Approved Drug For Diabetes Can Decrease The Risk Of Kidney And Heart Disease, New Study Says

The prevalence of type II diabetes is becoming more common, as well as the risks of associated medical conditions like kidney disease and stroke. A new study shows that an approved and... Read more »
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New Harvard Study Combines Radiation And Nanoparticles To Combat Cancer

A new study conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School reveals that by pairing nanoparticle-delivered cancer therapies with radiation, it is possible to make it six times more effective. Injecting nanoparticles, a... Read more »

Baby’s Facial Development May Be Altered In Utero By A Small Amount Of Alcohol Exposure

A new study conducted by researchers from Australia and Belgium suggests that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The findings reveal that even an occasional drink of alcohol... Read more »

Study: Non-Cow’s Milk Associated With Short Stature

A new study conducted by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Canada suggests that children, who consume non-cow’s milk, will have a shorter stature than their counterparts, who consume cow’s milk. The... Read more »

Study: Liver Disease May Be Prevented With Drinking Tea And Coffee

Cirrhosis, a leading cause of death in the U.S., occurs when scar tissue develops in the liver. A new study reveals that by simply consuming a cup of tea or coffee could... Read more »

Small Breast Tumors Found During Screenings May Not Be Linked To Early Detection, May Be Slow-Growing Tumors

A new study conducted by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine reveals that small tumors found in the breast during screenings are not small because they are discovered early, but biologically... Read more »

Rapid Brain Mechanism That Increases Vocalization In Bat Models May Lead To New Parkinson’s Disease’ Treatments

Animals and humans raise their voices, when trying to be heard over noise. It’s a very rapid feat from the ear to the brain and finally to vocalization. Johns Hopkins researchers are... Read more »

New Johns Hopkins Study Suggests People Who Visits Emergency Rooms Are Often Overcharged

A new study conducted by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine revealed that in emergency rooms throughout the United States, people are overcharged for treatments and services. In fact, those people are... Read more »

PolarityTE To Develop Human Skin Regeneration Technology

PolarityTE, a Salt Lake City-based biotechnology company, will tackle one of its toughest feats in history, creating technology capable of regenerating skin. One of the most devastating injuries imaginable is serious, debilitating... Read more »