Home Remedies For Itchy Feet: Rash On top Of Feet

If you have ever had an itchy rash on your feet, you definitely know how annoying the symptoms can be, because it is nearly impossible to ignore them. This is a very... Read more »

More Nurses Struggling With Substance Abuse

While the world is struggling with obvious signs of an illicit drug abuse epidemic, which involves medical professional including nurses. National Institutes of Health base most of their findings on health and crime related costs,... Read more »
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Over Six Million American Children Have Been Diagnosed With Ashtma

Asthma affects individuals of all ages, but the respiratory disease often begins in early childhood. Over 25 million asthma sufferers reside within the United States and nearly seven million of them are... Read more »

Gastric Bypass Surgery General Guidelines Explored

If you are severely overweight, you have probably heard the term “Gastric Bypass Surgery”. You may have even heard about this bariatric surgery, even if you are within the normal weight range, but... Read more »

Unaffordable Drug Prices Drive Americans To Purchase Medicine Outside The United States

For the past few years, drug prices have been spiraling upward at a rapid pace, leaving Americans with no other choice, but to have their prescription drugs imported from foreign countries. Most... Read more »