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Cast Updates: Batwoman to Introduce Renee Montoya in Season 3!

It was announced today that Renee Montoya will be making her debut in the new season of Batwoman! Renee is an iconic lesbian character who has been around since 1987. The showrunner, Caroline Dries, said in a press release: “Renee Montoya is one of the most important and iconic LGBTQ characters in DC history.

She deserves to take her place among the show’s other groundbreaking heroes.” Renee made her first appearance on Gotham when she came out as gay to Barbara Gordon. We’re excited for Reno’s introduction to Batwoman!

Renee Montoya in Batwoman Season 3

Renee Montoya has been announced as a series regular; for batwoman season three, joining Catherine Reid and Melissa Benoist in the cast. Her role on Batwoman; will be an original creation; of Renee’s character; that doesn’t exist in comics or other media yet.

Batwoman Season 3 Reportedly Casting DC Hero Renee Montoya
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Fans were unhappy with how quickly the decision came about; despite it being a reoccurring character.

Many speculated that the new showrunner, who is an openly gay woman herself, wanted to have a more diverse cast; for her own project. And this was a way of keeping Montoya in batwoman; while also having someone running it better; than Ben Edlund did. Fans were not pleased with how quickly it happened; without much warning.

Batwoman Season 3 Release Date Speculations:

Batwoman Season Three is set to premiere in October 2021. The CW has not released an official air date, but the season three trailer was leaked online on December 2020 and the show’s Twitter account re-posted it with a speculated release date of October 2021. Batwoman will also introduce Renee Montoya into her storyline as one of Kate Kane’s friends from the Gotham City Police Department.

Renee Montoya Batwoman Season Three Introduction:

Batwoman’s third season will introduce viewers to a new character that appeared briefly in the previous seasons: Detective Renee Montoya! The addition of this diverse female superhero comes as no surprise given how prevalent they are on television today.

In fact, with more than 60 years’ worth of comic book history at their disposal for inspiration – BATWOMAN has introduced over 50 versions of themselves into continuity. And while all those iterations have been different when it comes to their origin stories, the one thing they have in common is that their lives are defined by a desire to help others.

Batwoman Season 3 Trailer featuring Renee Mortaya

The recently released trailer for BATWOMAN Season Three showed Renee Montoya and Batwoman having a conversation in Blackwell Alice O’Connor returns, as does her daughter, both of which were significant characters in BATMAN: TRIALS OF THE FLESH.

Renee Montoya, a longtime ally of Batwoman and Batman who has been re-imagined as an out lesbian detective in the modern Gotham Police Department.

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