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Casey Bloys on Mare of Easttown Season 2: What we know so far.

Casey Bloys, the showrunner for HBO’s upcoming Mare of Easttown season 2, took some time to answer questions about the next instalment in this wildly popular series.

Casey has been with the production company since its inception and is responsible for several critically acclaimed programs like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under. Casey was able to give us a few hints about what we can expect from this new season, but he also warns that there will be many surprises as well.

“It’s going to be different,” Casey says coyly when asked how Mare of Easttown season 2 will compare with past seasons. “We’re going into uncharted territory.”

Casey then adds cryptically: “But it won’t take long before you start to see the hints.” Casey is confident that this new season will be as thrilling and compelling as past ones but says it might take viewers a little longer before they can make predictions.

Questions about the next instalment in this wildly popular series. “It’s going to be a very complex story.

“It’s really striking for me,” Casey explained, “to see what my old life- when I was working at HBO – looks like now.” Casey gets to watch an episode before it’s US airing on Mondays with his family.

His time working with HBO

He says his old life – working at HBO – is his “old life.”

– new character next season, and hinted at an upcoming cliffhanger. Casey is excited for the second season because of its potential to go really left field. He says his old life – working at HBO – is his ‘old life.’

“It’s going to leave you guessing,” Casey said with glee as we discussed how he feels about what will happen in this coming finale episode- hinting that it might not end on such a happy note! And it’s also nice that HBO gave me some space to take on other projects.” Casey says he has “a lot more space” and time with this latest project than when they had lots of pressure from working under a tight deadline before.

Mare of Easttown' Season 2 | HBO News, Release Date, Cast

Casey noted, “I’m not in the same situation I was last year where we were racing against the clock,” adding, “It’s also nice that HBO gave me some space to take on other projects.”

Casey said, “I also think the show has a lot more potential to go really left field.” Casey mentioned that he thinks this season of Mare of Easttown might be able to take some risks and do something different than what viewers are used to.

Casey’s first project as an executive producer for HBO was last year’s successful remake of ‘Mare Of Easttown.’ Casey says they got lots of feedback from fans and heavy hitters in Hollywood after its release – which is why Casey feels like their new version will be even better!

His Gaining fame:

In 2015 Casey became the head of programming at HBO. He remained there until April 2017, when Casey announced his resignation following controversy over Casey’s decision to cancel the show “Lucky Louie.” Casey said he had been offered a bunch of other TV jobs and just felt like after 17 years at HBO, and it was time for Casey to move on.

Mare Of Easttown Season: After Casey Bloys announced that there would be no more Mare of Easttown season in January 2018, many people were outraged with their decision. People all over America weren’t happy about what they saw as yet another example of Hollywood degrading women by placing them into stereotypical roles which portray heavy drinking and promiscuity. However, Casey mentioned on Thursday night during an interview with Bill Maher that there might still be hope for any fans looking forward to seeing new episodes!

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