Capital Heights Man Charged With Bigamy


This week, a 49-year-old Capital Heights man was indicted on charges of being married to three different women at the same time. Steven Gardner Jr. was indicted by a Prince William County Circuit Court

A criminal complaint alleges that Gardner married three women in three different states over the period of 19 years. He failed to divorce any of those women. Gardner’s first marriage took place in Nevada in September of 1991. He subsequently married another woman in New York In February of 1998. His last marriage took place in Maryland in August of 2015.


Gardner has been charged in Prince William County, where he lived with the third woman in Dumfries until January of 2016. Police allege that the marriage license and nonexistent divorce filings are enough to prove Gardner’s guilt.

Court records show that Gardner admitted to police that he was still married to previous wives when agreeing to enter into his most recent marriages.

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  1. Good Evening people.. I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.. For those that know me well.. Know that I’m a private person who keeps to myself and don’t bother many people.. But it’s been some ridiculous people whom feel the need to blast me here on social media.. I figure the best way for you to know about me.. is to hear it from me!.. Here goes!
    My name :Steven Gardner Jr
    Trade: Musician/ Commercial Operator
    Been married 4 times.. (And now by not crossing my I’s and dotting my T’s have me answering to the authorities).. Shame on me!
    I have 5 biological children
    6 children that call me daddy
    1 set of twins that don’t know I’m their dad ( That’s for another post )
    And I’m not perfect my no stretch of the imagination!.. And I’ve done some things in life.. Some good.. some not so good.. some just bad!… But I’m thankful to God Almighty that every day that he allows me to have life.. I have a chance for redemption and repentance!.. I’m so glad that God isn’t like people .. that try to pull you down in the slime they live in and make you out to be some awful person that you’re not .. because of a mistake!.. I love all my friends and family that reached out to make sure I’m ok!.. God got this y’all!

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