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Buyer Guide: How to Shop for Quality CBD

Cannabis is not just any product you buy in your supermarket. Before you can set foot in a cannabis dispensary, you should know how to find the best quality cannabis in the first place. There are many things differentiating cannabis products that most sellers will not tell you. If you want the best cannabis shopping experience, you should focus more on how you want to feel at the end of the day.

Before you can learn how to choose your first dab rig, you should go through these tips and learn how to get the best quality cannabis products from any dispensary.

  1. Establish why you want to buy the CBD.

You have to establish why you want to buy cannabis and in what form you need it. Weed or cannabis comes with lots of health benefits. It can relieve anxiety, handle depression, and treat epilepsy. You want to find out more about the different forms of CBD in the market and which ones are ideal for your pain points.

Little is known about which form of cannabis – drop, topical, or pill- is the best. Therefore, you want to research more into this. If you need help with chronic pain, CBD is most effective when you make it through a vape pen.

  1. How much THC is in the product?

When shopping for CBD, you need to know how much THC is found in the product. Avoid the head-high, which comes when you consume products with a high amount of THC. Knowing how much THC is found in the CBD product is crucial for you in finding out which product is effective for you and where you can buy it.

If you want a product with a little THC and not so much to get you high when you smoke, you can opt for products made from hemp. You can find most of these products online and in retail shops or weed dispensaries.

  1. Where was the hemp grown?

When shopping for products from hemp, you should find out where it was grown. The source of hemp can be crucial in establishing the quality of the CBD products you are buying. 

Most of the hemp used in making CBD products comes from Kentucky, Colorado, or Oregon. Some of the hemp could be imported from overseas. You want to establish the origin of the hemp before you can shop for it.

  1. Ask for a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

When buying any CBD product online or in your local dispensary, you should ask for a COA from the retailer. This document shows how a product has performed on a test that checks for THC and CBD levels. COA can also establish the presence of a contaminant in the product.

If the online retailer does not provide you with a COA, you must avoid shopping for CBD from their store. This way, you can be safe from buying contaminated CBD.

When shopping, you should go for products that list the CBD amount. The CBD dosage is usually expressed in milligrams and will vary depending on the product you are buying.

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