‘Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor admits that she watched her sex scenes with her grandparents

‘Bridgerton’ is no doubt full of super steamy scenes. The movie features Phoebe Dynevor and co-star Rege-Jean Page. Recently, on the public, Phoebe has admitted that she had a trick to keep it ‘PG-13’ for her grandparents. Phoebe, who is currently 25 years old and is so very young has taken it to the audiences as by storm as the lovable Daphne in Bidgerton and she awkwardly admits in front of everyone that she doesn’t mind watching the sex scenes with her grandparents. 

Phoebe and Rege’s comments about the scenes

The Regency era Netflix drama did go viral after the Christmas day debut and the fans could not stop talking about the hot love scenes between Daphne and Rege-Jean Page‘s Duke Simon. She didn’t just confess about watching those scenes with her grandparents, but alongside she also mentioned that she loved to keep everything PG-13 when it was about those on-screen moments. Phoebe confessed on Drew Barrymore‘s show, laughing and said, “Yes, I did [watch with my grandparents] but only because, and I find it really hard to watch myself, but I had to if they were going to watch it.” She further added on to it saying, “So I had to stand there with the remote ready at any given point to fast forward for them not to see any of the things I didn’t want them to see. We were good, we got through it. It was PG-13 for my grandparents.” Awkward moment is certainly to be avoided!

On the other hand, Rege-Jean quipped back. He said that he warned his family to be ahead of the time about the scenes via a WhatsApp text group quoting, “I would like to see that in fast forward. That would be a whole new show!” He went on saying, “My family are pretty well drilled at this point…I had red flashing light emojis around episode 5.” Rege said all these to Ross Mathews, who had co-hosted the interview with Drew. “I had a cousin who missed the messages and she just put on a tactical cup of tea and left the room [during those scenes]. For no reason, you aren’t perturbed — you just make a long of tea. But she came back and we were still going!”

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