Bridge Borders in New Forbes Article – Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja Seeks

Bridge Borders in New Forbes Article - Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja Seeks

The CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, is primarily known as a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. He was featured on Forbes in an article. It is mainly focused on encouraging international e-commerce to promote more sales for business owners. Dr Andy Khawaja’s Forbes article was titled as the “How to Cater Your E-Commerce Business to A Global Audience.” The content takes a note of the international trade issues that everyone has witnessed in 2018 and the tariffs that were imposed then. His Forbes article further states that in “Business Insider” in August. It said that the total amount of taxed goods between [the United States and China] had risen to $106 billion. He further escalated the trade war between them.” Business Insider reported that “the U.S. is also preparing tariffs. They have been doing it on another $200 Billion of Chinese goods. The article stated “if those tariffs go through, more than 50% of all Chinese imports to the U.S. would be subject to tariffs.”

Andy Khawaja: We can bridge borders with international trade

Andy Khawaja made a note that the economy is somewhat beyond our control. However, we can bridge borders with international trade despite the existing international trade issues. Dr Andy Khawaja said in Forbes, “While we can’t fully control the tariffs that our respective countries will ultimately put on trade goods, we live in a day and age where the internet can connect people on every continent, in nearly every country, in almost any dialect.”

Andy Khawaja believes in the fact that entrepreneurs and consumers from all over the world will be benefitted by opening their e-commerce borders. He even told the Forbes readers, “…open your company up past your country’s borders and see what extraordinary success you may have at your fingertips.”

Allied Wallet: Andy Khawaja and the way he encourages business owners

Andy Khawaja’s expertise with Allied Wallet and his knowledge regarding global e-commerce renders him as a seasoned expert in the space. The man does not only talk about his success and journey throughout his speech, but he also encourages other business owners to offer their products globally. He ensures the fact that it is important to come up with new updates and technologies as that would eventually help in boosting his business. He also gives a few tips to those who plan to take advantage of the global marketplace.

In a Forbes article, he has recently given an overview about how to cater to a global audience. He further went on saying different attributes regarding his journey and the way he had globalized the website so that others can also take inspiration from the same. He also shares different tricks through which the new entrepreneurs can influence the social media users to have a look at their products and services. Furthermore, he wants them to upgrade the logistics.

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