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Blood And Treasure Season 2: Star Cast, Plot Details, Release Date, And Other Hints

Blood And Treasure Season 2 is a spin-off of Blood and Treasure, which aired on BBC One. Blood And Treasure Season 1 was an international hit with high ratings in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Blood And Treasure Season 2 will air in 2021 on BBC One as well as Netflix. Blood And Treasure Season and season 2 are both filmed in Sri Lanka.

Blood And Treasure

Blood & Treasure is an American action-adventure drama television series that aired on CBS on May 21, 2019. It was developed by Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia. 

Star Cast

Blood And Treasure Season stars Pascale Hutton as Rachel Bloodsworth, James Bloodworth’s wife; Ian Pirie as Scheming Surgeon Peter Bloodworth, their hapless brother-in-law; Jessica Raine as Eleanor Bloodsworth, daughter of James and sister to Rachel; Steven Mackintosh as Major John Blackstock, second in command at Trincomalee Fort; Janet Mawikawattea (also known) as Malini Wijesinghe aka ‘Poppet’; Ardian Gjoka.

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Release Date

On March 26, 2019, it was announced that the series is set to premiere on April May 21, 2019. But On June 26, 2019. The Blood And Treasure Season 1 Premiere on CBC Television in Canada are Sunday, at 11 pm EST (so still a few hours left!) and will air concurrently with its UK broadcast of Tuesday, at 21:00 GMT on BBC One. 

We dont have any release date set for the second season; however, we expect it will release in late 2021.


Blood And Treasure Season follows Rachel Bloodworth as she takes on one last case for a justice-a murder trial at Trincomalee Fort against Major John Blackstock’s wishes with Scheming Surgeon Peter Bloodworth by her side masquerading as his doctor brother James Bloodworth while Eleanor Bloodsworth (daughter) and Malini Wijesinghe aka ‘Poppet’ look out from their perch in the Bloodsworth household.

This story has been an adventure for all involved, so it’s thrilling to be able to come back with a new series that takes us into 1805,” said Jennifer Juster (executive producer) in a statement obtained by Deadline Hollywood. “The prospect of exploring Pitt’s mission as Prime Minister during such fraught times is both daunting but irresistible.”‘ -Jennifer Juster speaking about Blood &Treasure Season two release.

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