Bladensburg neighborhood worried regarding the impact of proposed shelter

The location of Bladensburg, Maryland, is reasonably accessible to all the bus routes. It is also in close vicinity to grocery stores and other convenient locations. However, people residing in that neighborhood said they had significant concerns about how that would impact those living there! Prince George’s County was set to build a homeless shelter there. Currently, three sites are under consideration. It even includes a vacant church on the corner of the 202 and 450 routes.

Steve Whites stated to the Town police force.

Steve Whites, 50 years old, living in Bladensburg, stated that our Town police here is understaffed and has quite a few empty positions. Also, it is said that the town won’t be able to handle kore! He added that the town police force is busy here maintaining the security of the people and keeping things running in the usual way possible. Therefore, a homeless shelter may overload us more! The county leaders have finally stated that nothing is finalized as of now.

Kristina Smith stated on the issue.

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Another resident, Kristina Smith, 35 years old, said about the Howard County facility where her late son was! She said it offered all the treatment and best counseling, making it stand out from the other counties. The location chosen for the shelter is actually at the back of the church, adjacent to the residential streets and the school bus stops. Abdoul Diakite, who agreed with White, said they would instead want something in the town that would give them an earning! The county executive, Angela Alsobrooks, expressed her frustration with this pushback, saying that the residents might have a different vision. Better Bladensburg Block by Block, a group promoting economic improvement, had a day on this!

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