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blade Runner Black Lotus anime

“Blade Runner: Black Lotus” is one of the most anticipated Blade Runner anime movies which are set to release this year. The show anime has been around for quite some time, but Blade Runner: Black Lotus will be a new take on it with an entirely original story that takes place in the Blade Runner universe. Blade Runner has always been about replicants and Blade Runner’s world is full of them. They are bioengineered to obey humans no matter what their wishes may be, so they can do all sorts of tasks for us, from being sex slaves to soldiers or even garbage collectors.

What is the release date of Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime?

Blade Runner: Black Lotus will be coming out this fall. It won’t be long before it is released.

What is the plot

The TV show Black Lotus has not yet been released. But we know that Blade Runner was set in 2019, and then it was followed by Blade Runner 2049.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus' anime trailer reveals a replicant on the run |  Engadget

This was a short film about the year 2022 and an attack by replicants against the Tyrell Corporation. People are trying to destroy the servers that have information about replicants. That will be hard for people to find out. So they want to use a bomb with electricity in it above Los Angeles. It will make the electricity go away for 10 days and is called “The Black Out.”

This caused the end of replicant production. This caused a global financial crash. Then the Wallace Corporation could buy Tyrell and start making their replicants.

The main character of Black Lotus is Elle. She was created for a secret purpose. The story will be about how she gets chased by Marlowe, who is also a replicant created for a secret and unknown purpose.

Who will be starring in Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime?

The voice for the English-speaking voice track is listed here. There are two actors listed, one for the English-speaking voice track and one for the Japanese-speaking one.

  • Elle: Jessica Henwick / ArisaShida
  • Joseph: Will Yun Lee / Shinshu Fuji
  • Alani Davis: Samira Wiley / Takako Honda
  • Niander Wallace Sr: Brian Cox / TakayaHashi
  • Niander Wallace Jr: Wes Bentley / TakehitoKoyasu
  • Marlowe: Josh Duhamel / TaitenKusunoki
  • Josephine Grant: Peyton List / Yoshiko Sakakibara
  • Earl Grant: Stephen Root / HochuOtsuka
  • Doc Badger: BarkhadAbdi /Takayuki Kimba
  • Senator Bannister: Gregg Henry / MasaneTsukayama
  • Doctor M: Henry Czerny / Akio Nojima
  • Hooper: Jason Spisak / Kazuki Ya

The director of this movie is a man named Shinji Aramaki. He has done other movies too, like Ultraman and Appleseed Ex Machina. Kenji Kamiyama is also directing the movie, and Shin’ichiro Watanabe will help create it as well. As you can see, we have some heavy anime figures here. Blade Runner: Black Lotus will be 13 episodes and each episode will be 30 minutes long. So that’s around 6 and a half hours of new content in the Blade Runner universe. Crunchyroll recently released an interview with the two directors of Blade Runner. They talk about their thoughts on the movie and about how they added to it.

A new version of Blade Runner is coming to our small screens. It is called Black Lotus. It will come out later this year.

Black Lotus happens after the two live-action Blade Runner movies. It has a lot of stars and people who make anime. Blade Runner: Black Lotus is coming out soon. Here are some things you can look forward to.

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