Blacklight: Release Date, Plot and Star Cast

Liam Neeson stars as “Tom Carter” in director Mark Williams’ HONEST THIEF, an Open Road Films release. Credit : Open Road Films

Blacklight is an American movie that will be coming out soon. It is about a boy who finds a magic ring that he can use to fight his enemies. The film is about a man named Liam Neeson. It will be released in the U.S. on February 11, 2022, by Open Road Films and Briarcliff Entertainment.

A Hollywood movie with Liam Neeson will start shooting in Melbourne next Tuesday. A lot of movies are being made in Australia right now.

The 68-year-old Northern Irish actor has been in hotel quarantine in Sydney since he arrived last Saturday. He will fly to Melbourne this weekend to start work on the movie Blacklight, which is written, directed, and produced by Ozark co-creator Mark Williams.

According to a description of the movie, it is about an FBI fixer who pulls people out of dangerous situations. He gets in trouble and it goes all the way up to the top.

Blacklight Movie - video Dailymotion

The movie is the latest production to be lured to Australia. The government of Australia offers a 30% tax incentive for production companies that make movies here, but it is only available if the company spends more than 16.5% of its money on productions in Australia.

The federal government is giving $5.8 million to the production of the movie. More than 500 people will be working on it, and 550 other people can be extras.

The black light will help to make the screen industry better. It has been impacted by COVID-19.

The State Minister for Creative Industries said that this is a good thing. It shows that Victoria is a world leader in creating movies. The CEO of Film Victoria also agrees and says that the state’s screen industry is back and it has world-class talent and facilities in high demand.

What can we expect from Blacklight?

Mr. Williams, who directed Liam Neeson in the new thriller, Honest Thief, said he considered shooting in America, Canada, and Australia but decided on Australia because they have had success with the coronavirus

He chose Melbourne, Australia to be the city in North America. Then he watched if it got sick again. But he never lost hope or confidence.

I am good friends with the movie gods. I had faith that they will help me. So, when I went to Australia and got out of quarantine, I was surprised by all the people without masks. I’ve been in Melbourne for the past month and I like all the masks here. They make me feel more comfortable, not just for our products but for everyone else in the city too.

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This movie will be filmed with LED screens. The Mandalorian is a Disney movie. They used this type of screen to make it. This type of screen is not usually used for a film but they could not film it at the other studio because it was already booked.

The film Blacklight will be the first to use the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre as a studio, which it is well-suited for.

Liam Neeson film Blacklight to feature car chase scene shot in Canberra -  ABC News

Making a film under COVID conditions is hard. It would cost more money to make the film. Also, people from other countries can’t come to film in the US if they have COVID insurance. The company would bear the costs of a shutdown due to illness. The federal government has a fund for this, but Blacklight is not eligible.

Even though it is hard, Mr. Williams says people need to show that they can go on even if there are lots of challenges. The insurance won’t cover you, the banks won’t give you loans, and someone could get sick. You are in trouble then. “Everybody is trying to kill the virus, but it does not matter.

What is the plot of Blacklight?

A car crash happened. One person died, but someone else woke up. The other person’s spouse returned.

HeeJoo is surprised that Young Nam, her co-worker’s significant other, also works at the manufacturing plant. HeeJoo meets Young Nam’s girlfriend Eun Young. She finds out more information about the event.

It is hard to tell what happened. The person on the other side may have left their lane and caused a crash. But there are also other things going on, like work and family issues. It is hard to know for sure what happened, so it might be best not to talk about it too much.

The movie is harder to understand. Dark Light spotlights on the connection between two ladies confronting great disaster. As reality about the occurrence gradually uncovers, the two ladies extraordinary clash appears to understand that the wellspring of the agony didn’t start from one another.

The friends in the story do not like each other. They are hurtful to each other. The end of the story shows that this is what happens when you are friends.

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Who will be starring in Blacklight?

  • Kim Shi Eun as HeeJoo
  • YeomHye Ran as Yeong Nam
  • Park JiHoo as EunYeong
  • Lee Joo Won as HyeongJoo
  • Kang Jin Ah as So Eun
  • Jo DaeHee as Gi Won
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