Bigger Season 2

Bigger Season 2: What We Know So Far

Bigger is a comedy TV series. There are many funny people in the show. Tanisha Long, Angela Ko, and Angell Conwell are in the show and they make it better than anyone could have thought it would be! Bigger season 2 is about to be released on April 22nd. It will be shown on BET+. We are happy that it is coming back with more humor. We want to watch the show, so we hope that it does well!

I love the show. It’s great to see all of the dark people with good acting. I just watched a day marathon and it was hard to understand what was going on sometimes and who the different characters were. A lot of people are not looking forward to this show. It is a good show, though. The cast works well together.

What is the release date of Bigger Season 2?

Bigger season 1 premiered on September 19th and ended on November 7th after airing 10 episodes.

Bigger Season 2: Release Date, Cast, BET, New Season/Cancelled

The show has received a positive response from both the critics and the audience. It is the first series to premiere on BET+. But no information about renewal is available at this time. We hope that Bigger will return to the screens sometime in September 2020.

What is the plot of Bigger Season 2?

A person of color is in the East Atlanta neighborhood of Little Five Points. They are dealing with danger and an exhausting partner. The school associate died suddenly. Layne likes to be relaxed. But she learns that she needs to change her attitude and take some risks. This advice helps Layne but not Veronica. Greg asks Layne to marry him. She was a bit surprised and needed some time to think about it. In the meantime, she met Reggie and they fell in love.

While this girl is struggling to figure out her life, her friends are also trying to figure out their lives. After the news of the sudden death of their college friend, they start to see their lives in a different light. They want to bring out the best by wanting better, aiming higher, and dreaming bigger.

Who will be starring in Bigger Season 2?

Tanisha Long is the main character in the show, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’. She plays a black woman who is not confident about herself. That’s why she likes to settle down to being normal. She decides to change herself when she meets a crossroads in her life. She decides not to be safe anymore and take risks.

Veronica is a friend to Layne. Veronica is more like an older sister. She is played by the actress Angell Conwell, who was in “Soul Plane.” Veronica is a real estate agent. She likes to keep love in the background and focus on more practical aspects of life.

Rasheda Crockett, the person in the TV show ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, plays a character in that show. The character is Tracey Davis, who wants to be famous as a Hollywood celebrity someday. She has a happy attitude that makes people smile. She also has insecurities about her career. They make her more honest and relatable.

Chase Anthony from ‘Lethal Weapon’ is playing a character named Deon Lewis. Lewis is not only funny but also a successful businessman. He realizes that he needs to achieve more goals in life because his colleagues are getting better at him at work.

  • Tanisha Long As Layne
  • Angela Ko As Liberty
  • Angell Conwell As Veronica
  • Allyssa Brooke As Kristi
  • Christopher Martin As Julius
  • Kim Rosen As Nurse
  • Alexa Rachelle Jennings As Jewel
  • Peri Susanne Jackson As Ms. Arthur
  • Chase Steven Anderson As Virgil
  • Chloe Asbell As Featured Audience Member
  • Todd Allen Durkin As Joe
  • Jessie Jalee As Customer
  • Jennifer Sears As Shalogn
  • Leah Selene As Kimmie
  • Jason Turner As James
  • Kim Baptiste As Rita
  • Andrew Benator As Max
  • Jenice Bennett As Customer
  • AdenaBrumer As Woman
  • Stephen Caudill As Employer
  • Alex Collins As Kyle
  • Clayton Cooper As Masked Boy

Other Cast members

  • Deja Dee As Psychic
  • Paden Fallis As Executive
  • Patricia French As Lindsay
  • Richard Garner As Matt
  • Carl Gilliard As Rev Dr. Bishop Hextall
  • Barbara Hawkins-Scott As Rhonda
  • Ava Hill As Emcee
  • Sarah Hudson As Janice
  • Chloe James As Teenage Customer
  • Emily James As Accounting Clerk
  • Jeffrey Jamison As Texas Ranger Training Supervisor
  • Rashaun Jones As Jonathan
  • Maxwell Korn As Photographer
  • Marcus Lewis As Security Guard
  • Hannah Lowther As Barb
  • Jessica Luza As Female Customer
  • Kai Malik As Ryan
  • Patricia McRae As Sheila
  • Summer Menkee As Employer
  • Shaan Merchant As NFL Player
  • Montrel Miller As Omari
  • Angel Nair As Yogi
  • Brett Newton As Michael
  • Kayla Nicole As Cozi
  • Mona Parks As Self
  • NooruddinParmar As Cashier
  • Renato Powell As Mrs. Val Jean
  • Michael Reagan As Employer
  • Alexander Reed As Charles
  • Angela Relucio As Esta Ali
  • C.J. Riggs As Self
  • Laurie Searle As Paula

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