Betting On Ravens In The Super Bowl? Understanding Maryland Sports Betting Laws


The Super Bowl Odds are out, the Ravens are the favorite to win!. Draftkings, BetOnline, and Fanduel have all ranked the Baltimore team above its competitors. The team has two prior Super bowl appearances, walking away both times with the trophy.

Baltimore Ravens

As the teams prepare for the NFL playoffs, fans are gearing up to place wagers on their favorite teams. Unfortunately, being a resident of Maryland is a disadvantage when it comes to sports betting. On a positive note, the sports betting forecast is looking better for the state every day. Lawmakers are making headway in improving how the initiative is perceived on both state and federal levels.

There are currently only a handful of states that have taken the initiative to pass legislation legalizing sports betting. New Jersey, followed by Delaware, Washington D.C., Nevada, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, West Virginia, Arkansas, and New York.

After a recent bill was voted down by Maryland lawmakers, the agenda will not be broached again until 2021 at the earliest. On the upside, the state has taken the steps to legalize gambling in land-based casinos.

As Raven’s quarterback, Lamar Jackson continues to break records, fans have their fingers crossed in hopes that the Vince Lombardi Trophy will make its way back to Baltimore in 2020.

Jackson has been described as one of Raven’s best attributes, with 1,798 rushing yards, 4,090 passing yards, and 12 rushing touchdowns. He is a dual-threat quarterback, holding multiple NFL records, including most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season, most rushing attempts by a quarterback in a season, and the first quarterback with four 100-yard rushing games in a season.

Can Maryland sports fans legally place wagers on the Baltimore Ravens? While the state does not have land-based sportsbooks due to the Wire Act of 1961 and other federal laws, fans can still participate in sports betting events online. Several online sportsbooks are licensed to accept wagers from Maryland residents. Wagers can also be placed at one of the nearby land-based casinos in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware.

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