Best subscription boxes for food lovers

It’s a paradox that it’s so difficult to find a Christmas present in the world of endless possibilities and unlimited shopping options.

And yet, it’s true. So many questions to answer before picking a gift for a friend! What are their hobbies, what do they like, how much should I spend? 

That’s why subscription boxes made such a big splash in the last few years! All you need to know is what the person likes, and the box companies take care of the rest.

There are plenty of incredible options, especially in the food world. Get your loved one or a friend a subscription, and they’ll enjoy their favorite treats all year-round. 

Here are the best subscription boxes for food lovers.

“SommSelect Monthly Wine Club” for aspiring sommeliers

Most of us have wine connoisseurs in our friend group. They’re always the ones commenting about the subtle notes, hints of fruit & lingering aftertaste at each dinner party.

Get them the “SommSelect Monthly Wine Club” subscription! Every month the company delivers curated wines based on a selected theme (e.g., country, region, grape variety). 

It’s a great way to discover and learn about different wines and expand your horizons! 

Price: from $99

“Olive oil lovers” for olive oil recommends the “Olive oil lovers” as the best olive oil subscription box for anyone who loves discovering new flavors, good food, and, well, olive oil! 

The subscription box includes a high-quality extra virgin olive oil from an internationally renowned producer sent to the recipient every month.

The company puts a lot of effort in choosing unique oils every time, giving its members a chance to try something new and different.

The oils come from such countries as Italy, France, Spain, Greece & South Africa.

Price: $98.00

“Hot Sauce of the MonthClubb” for heat lovers

Folks at single out their Hot Sauce of the Month club for those loving some heat! 

If you know a guy or a gal who always asks for hot sauce with any food, be it soups or mac &c heese, this subscription is made for them! 

Depending on the choice, each month, they’ll deliver 1-3 bottles of award-winning hot sauces from artisanal small-batch companies to your friend’s doorstep. It’s possible to choose from classic, mild, or extra hot.

We’re sure every heat lover will enjoy different flavors from smoky and tangy to sweet or sour. 

Price: starts at $13.99

“Murray’s Cheese Classic Cheese of the Month Club” for everyone!

Unless you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, you probably love cheese! That’s why “Murray’s Cheese Classic Cheese of the Month Club” is a perfect gift for everyone. 

You can choose different subscription levels. The entry-level will send 3-4 kinds of cheese a month, and the top-level will get a full cheeseboard delivered. 

Murray’s provides the highest quality selections from the best international and domestic producers.

Price: from $63

“Driftaway Coffee” for coffee aficionados

Oh, coffee, the drink that wakes up the world! During the last decade, it became so much more than a beverage with millions of coffee shops, flavors, and different roasts available. 

And a specialty coffee subscription is an indulgent way to explore more. 

“Driftaway Coffee” delivers freshly roasted bean coffee from different regions around the world. 

What’s exciting and cool is the customization. With the first delivery, you receive a coffee explorer kit with four single-origin coffees belonging to different taste profiles. After that, you can report what you liked most and in the future received coffees suited to your taste! 

Price: from $39

“Tea Runners” for tea-sippers

There’s more to tea than just black or green! Any tea lover will tell you that, and they’ll also appreciate this exciting monthly subscription.

The “The World’s Finest Tea Club” will send you a box of 4 of the world’s best loose leaf teas, and you can choose an All Black Tea Box, Herbal Tea Box, Pure Tea Box, and the Original Box with a combo of all.

The box comes with brewing and tasting instructions and notes. You can get your friend monthly, bi-monthly or tri-monthly deliveries. 

Price: from $21.25

“Candy Club” for those with sweet-tooth

Just like with the cheese, candy is beloved by many! That’s why the monthly subscription with all kinds of exciting sweets from “Candy Club” will make most adults and kids so happy.

There are almost limitless candies available: sour gummies, chocolate covered nuts, cupcake bites, chocolate pretzels, taffy, and so much more. 

You can pick three or six cups of candy for the box, and the best part is that you never know what you’ll get making the anticipation sweet! 

And if instead of candy you prefer chocolates, check out list of best chocolate subscription boxes:

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