Best services for watching movies together

Movies are more enjoyable when watched by other people. However, it is not always possible to watch movies together if your family or friends do not live in the same place or cannot visit you.

This is where party apps and services come to the rescue. Each of them allows you to sync a movie to watch together online, no matter how far apart you are from each other in real life. In this article, Steve O’Neil, an essay writer free online, will show you the best movie-sharing services to get your evening back on track.


This service provides you with a browser whose content is easy to stream. You can watch movies with your friends from paid streaming platforms if you only have one account or run videos from cloud storage.

But when you think about it, the service has much more to offer. For example, you can give a presentation or show a customer the design of his new site by promptly uploading changes from your computer to the hosting service.


Quite a simple site, but with the function of capturing images from the screen. If you have a subscription to a streaming service, you can create a broadcast for everyone – and watch movies, TV shows, or videos from your computer with your friends.

You can also play poker and other card games at Kosmi. There are also emulators of old-school NES SNES consoles, an arena for Quake III, and the anime shooter Everything is implemented through online streaming, so you don’t have to register and install applications or extensions.


Online video sharing software works through an extension for the Chrome browser. Scener supports free group sessions on YouTube and Vimeo. There are also options among Western streaming services, but you need appropriate subscriptions to access them.

Private rooms can hold up to 10 people (five of them have access to streaming control), and public spaces can hold more than a million. You can also host video parties and broadcast your videos to everyone.

Video chat expands the possibilities for collaborative viewing. Participant camera broadcasts are placed next to the main video window, and you can see all the emotional reactions of your friends and family in real-time.

Make no mistake, Vimeo is great. However, you might not be able to find some movie titles from time to time. Don’t worry, there are some great and credible alternatives you can look up. To know more about the best websites for downloading entertainment content for free, please visit


TwoSeven works with streaming video services and local files. Viewing YouTube and Vimeo is free for all users. Each participant will need to install an extension and log in to the appropriate account to access the streaming platforms.

With TwoSeven, you can broadcast your video files or start playing videos from almost any site. There are practically no freezes or long buffering in popular free services or messengers with video communication.


Here you can watch movies and clips from YouTube, Vimeo, Viki, and Reddit, and open your files from Google Drive or Dropbox. What if you want, for example, to remember the episodes from the wedding with your relatives or show your friends the video from your smartphone?

In addition, you can arrange a full-fledged online party – the service is called Rave for a reason. One of the most unusual features of the platform is a DJ with artificial intelligence, which will make a playlist guided by your preferences and create mixes or mashups of two songs.


A service for watching movies and online streaming together. It supports YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, and more – you need the appropriate accounts to access it.

Metastream works via a browser extension. You can’t share your videos to watch them together, but you can create playlists (queues) or listen to music.

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To Conclude

During the pandemic, most of us did not get a chance to go to the movies with our friends, colleagues, and family members. These movie services were helpful in helping many catch the same flicks with all our near and dear ones. If you are someone that loves to watch movies individually, and do not want to depend on the internet for streaming, then you can download the latest movies from Pirate Bay and watch it offline. 

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