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Morningside Staff : Does it happen that your head gives an itchy feeling if you haven’t applied head shampoo in the last couple of showers you have taken? Well, chances are ‘YES’. Now, you can relate to how your best friend that is your dog may be suffering from something similar. This is where the role of grooming comes to play, as they need to be cared, pampered and handled beautifully. Since, they are more prone to getting dirt and germs. Hence as an owner your role is even more important than before to get them a good grooming session.

The ‘cleanliness’ part is very basic and important and when it is added with ‘grooming session’ then you feel good of being a proud owner of a bubbly and cheerful puppy. Since, the dog’s coat gets rid of accumulated dirt and become shiny which ensures better air circulation and lessens the frequent state of sweating.  Simply give you consent to treatment and medicated wash by ‘ticking’ the part for not only his health, but to also be at a safer side yourself. Since, your dog’s health condition is directly related to your well being. As if he is ill, then obviously your daily routine gets affected and you feel even sadder than him. 

Let’s now take a look at the benefits associated with Grooming:-

  • It creates a healthy well being of your pet
  • The best time to give a grooming session is on monthly basis and more so when the weather is hot and humid. 

So, before you make the schedule of the next grooming session, the list enlightens you with the best and renowned services:-

Downtown Dogs Dallas 

No happiness is bigger than for an owner to see his pooch experience the best moments in terms of cleanliness and pampering. Yes, Downtown Dogs Dallas is a one stop place which offers the sophisticated treatment from a team of professionals who has been creating a healthy and fun-loving bond with their owners for years now.

The existence of the salon was the result of the passion of founders who have immense love for dogs. It equally shows in the way they provide services through safe pet products. The pet saloon has sufficient space for your pooch to exercise and socialize so as to create a pleasant change. There are various grooming services in the form of nail clipping, fluffy blow drying, nail clipping, and paw pad trimming, flea dips amongst others. 

The charges of the grooming services begin from $15 while for availing extra add-ons; you spend between $5 and $10. There are other charges which are based on the coat condition, pup’s hair etc. You need to provide proof of vaccination. A grooming session looks after the complete cleanliness part which besides brushing or combing also checks on the nails. Also, your puppy moves a lot, sometimes on the surfaces which are rough, uneven, dirty or even subjected to the potential dangers of insects causing harm. Hence, the best grooming facility does a thorough check of the feet. 

Urban Dogg

Urban Dogg is the accomplished platform for canine clients who feel relaxed and have a joyful time. A salon which imparts complete private grooming related facilities with the likes of premium amenities. 

Even though you can walk-in, yet in order to avoid issues, the salon encourages booking the slot. The salon staff is highly concerned about giving the safest and secure treatment with organic products, by using modern tools. Along with the bath, the treatment also uses premium conditioners, scented shampoo, hypoallergenic shampoo, full body trimming (including nail trimming) along with eye and ear cleaning too. 

There are stainless steel tubs in the self-service bath stations. The salon knows the importance of using wide varieties of shampoo which serves different purpose as they increase the quality of the session undertaken. Amongst the list of grooming products are tangerine-scented ultra cleaning shampoos, scent-free hypoallergic shampoo along with others. The clients have to show the details of the current vaccination which the dogs have undergone. As you step in you will be greeted and handled by a friendly staff which maintains the highest degree of professionalism. 

Love Freeway Animal Hospital  

How relaxing you feel the time your furry friend marches at you, the moment you enter your house after a busy day? Well, the feeling can’t be expressed in words as you don’t leave any chance of pampering him and addressing his needs, since he means a lot for you. So, don’t wait to get the best professionalized help, since he deserves the best as well. 

It is true that names aren’t earned in a day as it takes years for a service provider to constantly provide the best of service. Likewise, Love Freeway Animal Hospital speaks volume about compassion, love and affection. The staff has ingrained traits of loving animals and the devotion truly shows in providing the best treatment to canine clients. Veterinary doctors operate the hospital as the groomers conduct a coat check to determine the well being of pooch.

Services include baths with natural shampoos, paw pad cleaning, and coat conditioning, custom cuts amongst many others. Simply book a slot and get in touch with a professionalized assistance quickly. 

Kibble Pet

Have you even closely examined that the ‘clean-looking’ coat of your pet may actually have mats stuck in it? Well, it is true and Kibble Pet has realized the same where it uses a special spray for ridding mats out of the pet’s coat, so that they become ‘actually’ clean. If you want your pet’s skin to really breathe and smell fresh then the pet salon fulfills your desire. 

In just a period of over 4 years, Samantha Kent, the founder has been empowering stylists to gain professionalized insights so that they can achieve human-quality grooming standards. 

Your canine friend deserves all the basic necessities which you as an owner make use of. Amongst the grooming services which he will be taking relates to the bath with premium shampoo, tooth brushing, nail trimming, cleaning eyes and ears, hair trimming of paw pad, sanitary trimming, de-matting, brightening wash along with pedicures and there are other facilities too. The charges of grooming are between $25 and $115. The salon offers a membership between $110 and $195. You need to complete the formalities associated with the current vaccination. 

Pawlished Pooch, Inc.

Your love for pooch is immense and as you undertake grooming services from Pawlished Pooch, he actually becomes a part of professionalized team of stylists who have years of experience to give the best service. Yes, the name has become the most profound and obvious one, which offers tailored services for addressing the grooming needs of your pet. There can’t be a better sight of your canine who enjoys pamper, love and attention from professionals. Established in 2015, it is equipped to deal with the minute requirements originating from different breeds and sizes. Nature has created canines in different types which may have curly hair, short-haired coat, wooly coat, double coat, wired coat and the professionals have practical experience to groom all of them. 

Talking about the premium services, the facility has baths with premium shampoos, gentle brush-outs, cleaning of eyes and ears, blow-drying, haircuts, trimming of nails and there is a wide list relating with the same. You can do shampoo or conditioner upgrade beginning from $5. Grooming packages begin from $25 and for taking extra add-ons you need to spend anywhere between $5 and $20. Book your slot and get in touch with the team. 

Park Cities Pet Salon

Don’t you want to ensure a healthy life for your pet? Yes, indeed. Simply take due care while he is healthy, so that he continues to enjoy a fit life while equally creating a healthy well being in the surroundings. Park Cities Pet Salon uses eco-friendly products in giving a healthy coat. 

The concerned professionals are dog-loving who are highly committed to use latest grooming trends and techniques to give the best session. Few of the noteworthy features are premium conditioners, haircuts, shampoos, brushing; nail clipping, furminator treatment etc. Book a slot if you are looking for full grooming service; while simply walk-in if you look for nail clipping services.

Perky Poodle Grooming and Pet Boutique

If you are looking for a groomer who has been dedicated and consistent towards providing the most professionalized service then look no further. The salon provides in-house treatment for ensuring the highest grooming standards. All the stylists are known towards imparting the latest grooming techniques. The services are vast and sophisticated as they relate with hand scissored patterns, gland expression, breed-specific cuts, flea and tick maintenance etc. 

If the pets have conditions such as arthritis, allergies, anxiety or injuries in the past, then they get special care. There are additional features which the salon imparts in the form of whitening shampoo, medicated shampoo, oatmeal-based shampoo etc. 

The charges for grooming begin from $7 depending on the size of pet and the condition of coat. Accompany your pet with the vaccination proof and book your slot.

Oak Clips

 The specialists at Oak Clips are informatively surrounded with loads of valuable information where the salon provides holistic grooming products by adhering to the highest degree of sanitation. The groomers move beyond in giving a personal touch to the pets by giving a life of ‘joy’ and ‘ease’ to them. 

The pet salon is committed towards providing the most exemplary services like bathing services which use premium products , eye and ear cleaning services, trimming or nails, sanitary clean-up, de-shedding, premium deodorizer, blow-outs including other relevant services. Pet owners need to show vaccination details prior to booking of the appointment. 

Pet Bar, Inc.

Your pet is the reason for your smile on so many occasions, now. How about you reciprocate the gesture by pampering him? Well, give him a full-fledged grooming service where he can relax and rejuvenate himself. Dan and Ashley were the founders of the salon. Their quest to open the salon originated with their desire where they initially looked for ways to give the best service to their pet. So, while they started searching for a professional groomer, it led them to set up their own pet business which takes due care of providing hygiene and grooming standards. 

It provides host of services where you can also opt for self-service wash apart from full-service grooming etc. There are different features in the form of trimming of nail, ear cleaning, baths, hand drying etc. 

If you go for self-service, you don’t have to bend over, thanks to the use of high steel tubs where you can also find non-slip ramps so that you can enter safely. There are different features which are a part of salon in the form of towels, ear cleaner, aprons, brushes, toothbrushes etc. As a proud owner of any breed or size, you can simply walk-in to use the self-service wash station. You have to show the vaccination proof, and book a slot for starting any full-groom services. 

Billi Bonze

When service is good, then one of the most publicized factors becomes ‘word to mouth publicity’. That’s exactly the case with Billi Bonze, a salon started 20 years back. It has become a renowned name now. The salon knows the importance of creating ‘personal touch’ as the professionalized staff is friendly and dedicated to create a positive vibe for one and all.

There are services in the form of gentle brush-outs, eye cleaning, and haircuts in accordance with the specific breed, conditioning, and trimming of nails along with de-shedding. The charges begin from $55 based on the breed as well as coat condition. The pet owner has to furnish the details of the vaccination. 

The Pooch Patio  

Do you know what’s the most important aspect taken very seriously by renowned businesses? Well, it has to be the aspect of professionalism. Yes and the same reflection can be easily seen through the pet salon namely The Pooch Patio. 

It started in 2005 and offers services which your pet will love to get pampered time and again. The salon welcomes pets of different breeds as well as sizes to get services which include cleansing shampoos, clipping of nails, eyes and ear cleaning, haircuts related with specific breeds and many more. 

The packages differ based on the expectations and budget of people. While the grooming package starts from $30, there is a ‘Works package’ which begins from $40.99 and the charges of deluxe package is from $50. 

There is also an option of VIP registration as it is specifically designed for pets who love spa days. The pet needs to be vaccinated and you need to show the proof of the same. 

 Knot 2 Shaggy Spa

You pup is a gem who has been the reason for you to create memories thanks to the immense love which pets showers on their owners. Now, it is time for you to reciprocate the gesture where they can be groomed in a serene and relaxed scenario. The salon understands the importance of using medicated products in the form of shampoo which are also specifically available for different requirements in the form of breed-specific shampoo, flea and tick shampoo, medicated shampoo etc. 

When training along with experience goes together, then it adds another layer of health and wellness for your pet. Few of the features available in the salon relates to bath and brush, conditioner, blueberry facial, clipping of nails, hand drying, ear plucking, eye and ear cleaning, tail trimming among many more. There are additional treatments in the form of de-shedding, nail grinding amongst others, which you can facilitate yourself with.  Like with others, you have to also provide the proof of vaccination. 

Ardy’s For Paws

As a professional service provider, others obviously know you with the kind of service you provide. The same aspect is taken very seriously by the Ardy’s For Paws which has been creating a healthy well being of furry animals by turning their life towards a more meaningful and productive one. Yes, founded in 1972, there are dog show groomers, AKC judges along with long-time breeders who constitute the list. The foremost benefit of grooming lies towards ridding the dogs out of dead hairs and skin cells. It is true that after taking a bath or grooming session yourself, you happen to feel cool, good, light and awesome from within. Hence, it is not hard for you to relate to the pleasant changes which your pet goes through after a wonderful session you arrange for them.

Every member is updated and informed about the changing grooming trends to give a highly relevant and sophisticated assistance for effective results.

Every canine needs special focus and the veteran stylists have earned the respect over the years by providing assistance as per the needs of the furry animal. Few of the noteworthy services include baths for all sorts of breeds, nail trimming, ear cleaning, breed-specific cuts, gland check etc. In order to ensure proper cleanliness, the premises is regularly cleaned and sanitized after every service. The vaccination proof has to be provided. Book your slot and make relevant queries about charges and all. 

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