Best 10 tips to make your computer fast

It is indeed quite embarrassing when the computer runs very slowly like the speed of a turtle. But, in this case it won’t win the race, since it is a machine, and you have to follow the tips for enhancing its functioning. As per the research conducted by Business Wire, almost 66% Americans have vented anger just because their system couldn’t proceed at the pace it should. While another research highlights how ‘slow computers’ can result in losing productivity, since you can’t submit work on time. 

Hence, the thing of respite lies towards how you can follow tips to ensure speedier computer. Let’s now take a look at them:-

Add more RAM to computer

RAM is a temporary storage memory which is the lifeline for your computer to run programs.
Based on the extent of program you require, you obviously need more of it. Or else, your will report of slow computer speed. Therefore, by adding more RAM, you can make it work like butter. 

Stop programs to run automatically, if you don’t need them

Do you know one of the biggest reasons for the computer to run slowly?

Well, it is the number of programs which run automatically while you start the computer. This primarily takes lots of memory and result in slowing down the computer. There are few important programs in the form of antivirus and firewall software, while need to run automatically, but when it comes to several others, such as iTunes or Microsoft Office, then you need to close, unless you require them. 

Uninstall programs you don’t require in any way

While purchasing a computer, you may or may not have noticed that there are several programs which come installed. The disadvantage of the same is the fact where they take sufficient space and slow down the computer. Now, you have the option to uninstall them. All you have to do is to go to the control panel while uninstalling the ones you won’t need. Do this functioning very cautiously. 

Clean the space on your hard disk

Closely check the kind of free space your computer currently has. If it is less than 15%, then there is a chance for the computer to slow down. Therefore, it is important to delete those old programs which you haven’t been making use of, since years and there is a chance that you won’t need any time soon as well. In the event, when the computer is running slowly, inspite that the storage isn’t full, then check your operating system, as it may have issues. 

Store old photos in the external drive

All of us have memories where we keep photos as well as videos on the system. But do you realize, that it can slow down the system, depending on the extent of storage they take? Well, this is where you can store them in cloud or an external drive. Hence, you can ensure their safety while freeing up the space from computer, which will eventually increase its speed. 

Do a disk cleanup or repair 

The system regularly creates temporary files during the time when you boot up or use application. They are usually referred in the form of cookies, caches, internet history as they eat up a sufficient space of the computer system. Hence, this is where you require a disk clean up where you are able to delete temporary files or those unnecessary ones while you really don’t require. 

Efficiency of the hard drive can be enhanced by running a disk defragment

While the data is fragmented, then your computer has got an additional task of searching fragment of files as they are scattered here and there. Hence, this is where defragmenting will create an organized state with respect to your data, so that your computer is able to get a free space while accessing data quickly. 

Go for software’s update

The reason software update is highly important and relevant is that it will fix bugs as well as glitches which becomes the prime reason for your computer to run slowly. In order to ascertain whether your current software is up-to-date, all you have to do is to click the Start Button > All Programs > Windows Update > Check for Updates. If you are a MAC user, then you are supposed to go to Apps where you can find ‘menu’ under Apple icon and then click on “About this Mac”. 

Switch the plan of your computer to “High Performance”

As you may be well aware about the different power plans associated with the computer in terms of Balance Power Saver or High Performance. This step of yours act in the form of your consent which you give to the computer in using power. Therefore, as you switch to High Performance, you enhance the speed along with the performance. Here it is important to mention that this step primarily works with Desktop, and is certainly not suited for Laptop, as it is going to consume battery quickly. 

Ensure that you have anti-virus spyware scanner as well as anti-malware installed

There is no point of guessing that your computer will automatically pick up the speed, if there are no bugs or viruses. It gives you an added layer of protection as well, as you know that the system is safe from hackers. 

Final thoughts

All of the above mentioned steps are so easy to be followed, while most of them hardly takes few minutes maximum and there you can get a totally different picture of your computer system which is able to run faster and enhance your productivity. After all, when it comes to submitting the work or accomplishing the assignments, you have to be on your toes and the aforesaid tips give you enough room to get a fast running system. So, you don’t have to think of purchasing a new computer or you don’t even require investing a big chunk of your hard earned money to make it faster. Most of the steps can be easily adhered so that you can continue doing your work on time, and likewise taste success with every passing day. 


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