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Bernardo Silva disappointed withTeammate Kevin De Bruyne

Bernardo Silvahas believed that Manchester City players have been ignored by the authorities during the time of individual awards and accolades in the league. Few years back there was a statement that was announced that FA has been negotiated to the individual man City player’s awards. Bernardo Silva strongly believes that many city players are yet to receive their awards during the time of individual accolades. A 25 year old midfielder has got his statement back highlighting that Kevin de Bruyne is yet to win the award of PFA player.Kevin de bruyne has joined in the man City during the year 2015 and has been introduced as a phenomenon for the blue half of Manchester.

Bernardo Silva disappointment by Kevin

Bernardo Silva was greatly disappointed since Kevin de Bruyne has not won PFA player of the year. Kevin de Bruyne has already won 12 premier league titles when playing under Pep guardiola and he was also the best player in the league for past three seasons and now he did not win PFA player since Bernardo Silva was greatly disappointed. However the felicitation of PFA player of the year for 28 years old is yet to be announced.

Kevin de bruyne is a very good player for past seasons winning the title and he was the best player in the league team this time all the audience was eagerly waiting as Kevin de bruyne will win the title of the year but unfortunately due to his bad time he did not win the PFA title of the year.

Bernardo Silva raises his voice to the Man City players that they have been wrongly neglected. During the time of premier league 2017-2018 the Man City dominated 100 point marks and they claimed the title of the PFA player award of the year was awarded to Liverpool Mohammed Salah mainly for his prolific goal scoring points. But still Bernardo Silva is not accepting this method he says that when considering the history of the player the PFA award has to be announced and he is visibly frustrated that many city players have treated an unfair announcement regarding the PFA award. Achievements are all focused towards heaven and he was a very excellent player and his history was also higher when compared to other players so Bernardo Silva raises his voice concern towards Man City players to treat fair announcement and should consider all the past history achievements while announcing PFA awards. 

In an interview with the telegraph Bernardo Silva states that Kevin de Bruyne is the best person to win for PFA awards since for the last two years ago he has won and he was the best player of the league. And that was a fair process by the Man City players and this time I could not understand why many city players did not recognize the deserved person. Belgium has scored 9 goals during the time of the premier league season and has provided 19 assists in the time of another productive campaign mainly for Kevin de Bruyne and Man City so this was a great disappointment for Bernardo Silva and he questions all the authorities regarding this issue.

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