Belle Coming to US: All Details Regarding It

Belle 2022

This is a Japanese animated science fantasy film that was written and directed by Mamoru Hosoda in 2021. The movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on July 15, 2021. It was well-received by critics and it got a standing ovation that lasted 14 minutes. The movie was released in theaters in Japan on July 16, 2021.

What is the release date of Belle?

Belle will be in theaters in the U.S. on January 14, 2022. It first came out in Japan on July 16, 2021, and will now come to the U.S. for awards season. Belle first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. It also went to New York, London, and Fantastic Fest. It has received almost unanimous critical acclaim.

Belle US Release Date Set for 2022, Watch Two Teasers

What is the plot of Belle?

Suzu Naito was a Japanese girl. She liked singing and writing songs when she was younger. Her mother supported her in this. One day, Suzu saw her mother save someone from a river at the cost of her own life. Suzu felt bad because her mother left her for another child, Suzu has trouble singing because of this, and she cries when she is forced to sing. Suzu only likes Shinobu Hisatake, who is her friend since childhood. The most popular girl is Ruka Watanabe.

Her best friend is ShinjiroChikami and her other friend is HirokaBetsuyaku. They are both friends. Under Hiro’s suggestion, Suzu signed into the popular virtual world called U. She made an avatar with freckles she named Bell. The name of her avatar is like her own name which means “snow”. Bell’s first appearance is criticized because she has freckles. But when people see her sing on several TV shows, they start to like her more. Someone starts calling her “Belle” which means beautiful in French.

What can we expect?

During one of Belle’s concerts, a dragon avatar showed up. A vigilante group led by Justian attacked it. They thought it had ruined the concert. Suzu is looking for the Dragon. She doesn’t know anything about him but that he is popular among children.

Mamoru Hosoda's Festival Darling Belle Gets A January 2022 Release Date

But she can’t find any information so she enters U as Belle to search for him while evading Justian. She is led into the Dragon’s castle by an angel avatar. She then meets the dragon. They start rocky, but they start to get closer. Meanwhile, in the real world, Ruka tells Suzu that she has a crush on someone. Ruka and Shinobu are the two most popular students at school. Suzu thought that Shinobu was the student that Ruka liked. But later, Ruka clarified that she liked Kamishin. With Suzu’s help, Ruka and Kamishin began to date.

Back at the university, Justian and his group find the Dragon’s castle. They attack it and burn it to ashes. But they can’t capture the Dragon. Belle is close to the dragon, so Justian interrogates her. He tells her that he will reveal who she is if she doesn’t cooperate with him. The Dragon saves Belle at the last second. Suzu and Hiro try to find out who the Dragon is before Justian can. Suzu can find Kei who is the Dragon’s real-life person after hearing his younger brother sing the song that should be known only between her and the Dragon.

BELLE Makes Its US Theatrical Debut on January 14, 2022

From the live video, it is revealed that Kei and his brother are being abused by their father. Suzu contacted Kei to help, but Kei did not think she was Belle. Shinobu told Suzu that she needed to sing as herself. In the end, Suzu sang in U and people listened. People liked her song and now they believe that she is not a fraud anymore. Kei’s father saw the video of his abuse on the internet. Kei was trying to tell Suzu where he lived, but then his dad cut off the internet connection.

Who will be starring in Belle?

  • Kaho Nakamura [ja] as Suzu Naito / Belle[5]
  • Takeru Satoh as The Dragon / Kei[6]
  • KōjiYakusho as Suzu’s Father[7]
  • Lilas Ikuta as Hiroka “Hiro-chan” Betsuyaku
  • Ryō Narita as Shinobu “Shinobu-kun” Hisatake
  • ShōtaSometani as Shinjiro “Kamishin” Chikami
  • Tina Tamashiro as Ruka “Ruka-chan” Watanabe
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Justian
  • Fuyumi Sakamoto as Okumoto
  • KenjiroTsuda as Jelinek
  • Mami Koyama as Swan
  • Mamoru Miyano as MuitarōHitokawa / Tokoraemaru
  • Michiko Shimizu as Kita
  • Ryoko Moriyama as Yoshitani
  • SachiyoNakao as Hatanaka
  • Yoshimi Iwasaki as Nakai
  • SumiShimamoto as Suzu’s Mother
  • Ken Ishiguro as Kei’s Father

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