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Becky Lynch Reveals the Reaction of Seth Rollins after Her Pregnancy Result

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On this week Becky Lynch has made a surprising huge announcement in WWE RAW Universe,when she entered the WWE RAW ring and she immediately revealed that she is pregnant which was the surprising news to the audience and then she was crowned as Ms. Money by the bank Asuka as a new WWE RAWwomen’s champion. After that she happily announced that when she shared this news with her financeSeth Rollins was very much excited to hear the news and she said that Seth Rollins has thrown his hands up in the air because of full excitement hearing that her lovable girl is pregnant. They both happily shared the news with their family members and every one reacted happily.

In the universe of WWE RAW Becky Lynch has made an exciting announcement that was surprised by the universe. The whole ring was very much happy to hear the news that she was pregnant and during the segment the entire people congratulated and started posting positive words for Becky Lynch and her fiance Seth Rollins. All over the world congratulatory messages were filled in the Instagram messages for Becky Lynch and her finance Seth Rollins.

And then after the end session of WWE RAW Becky Lynch has spoken to the people and she revealed how Seth Rollinspresence reaction after learning about her pregnancy news she was very excited to deliver the happiest news to the people and Seth Rollins was very much happy and he was fully excited to hear the happiest news immediately he threw his hands in the air to show the excitement and happiest mode. Becky Lynch has claimed that she was found pregnant in April when she took the first test it came out negative because she did not do it in the right way and later she had another test later which turned out positive and she was very much happy to announce that she was pregnant to the audience.

Wedding postponed

Due to the pandemic situation in the world of coronavirus the wedding of SethRollins and Becky Lynch wedding was postponed. They have been engaged almost a year ago and recently their wedding has been postponed during this pandemic situation in the world.

And then Becky Lynch said that due to the pandemic situation Seth Rollins and their family members are completely quarantine at home so they have been planned to postpone the wedding date and it has been decided to be published later.Becky Lynch said that she and her financeSeth Rollins are going to be together to take rest in their lives due to the pandemic situation currently running in the world so it doesn’t matter when they get married, and she ended her statement in the public panel that she and Seth Rollins would like to have their own best friends and family members to be present for their wedding ceremony if this pandemic situation is continued later as per the sources

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