Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Carousel Is Gone, As Well As The Plans To Replace It


Baltimore’s Inner Harbor carousel survived for over three decades, but the last few years has taken its toll and the current operator, Charm City Carousel Entertainment, made the decision to pack it up and not replace it.

The merry-go-round has finally disappeared from the location between the Maryland Science Center and Rash Field, which is being integrated into a $5 million renovation of the beautiful waterfront park. So, as soon as the construction began, the ride would have been moved to another location anyways.


Carousel At Baltimore's Inner Harbor Is Gone

The parent of Charm City Carousel Entertainment, Ride Entertainment, said in a recent statement “it has been an honor to bring the magic of a classical carousel to Baltimore visitors from all over the world.”

In 2013, the company replaced a 106-year-old merry-go-round that had been evicted by the city in 2012, because the operator, Richard H. Knight, failed to pay rent.

A spokeswoman for the Baltimore Development Corp., Susan Yum, said Knight had requested to be released from his contract, which would end in December, “as the operation was not profitable.”

The city terminated the contract after the company agreed to pay $13,750 in unpaid rent, Yum said.

A petition with 900 signatures encouraged the city to replace the merry-go-round. In 2013, Charm City Carousel signed a contract with the city, agreeing to pay $50,000 in rent each year.

With the most recent carousel gone, the city has plans to seek a new attraction operator for the location.

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