Baltimoreans Will Have One Last Chance To See The Ringling Bros. Performers In Action

In January, The Ringling Bros. circus announced it would be closing down after a 146-year run. The circus made its debut in Mazomanie, Wisconsin in 1882 and there will never be another source of entertainment like it.

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus era will come to an end on May 21, but not before Baltimoreans get one last chance to attend the “Greatest Show on Earth.”Live performances include animal acts, acrobatic stunts, juggling routines, a trick horse act and many more. However, the entertainment will take a new twist in the last phase of the show, performances will take place on an ice rink, which has never been done before in circus history.

Davis Vassallo, a fourth-generation clown, grew up in the circus, performing alongside his father whenever possible.

“My grandfather was a clown,” Vassalo said. “My father was a clown. Sometimes he made me part of the show. He put me in makeup and in the ring and that exactly what I’ve done with my daughter. She’s 7 and in the ring with me and the tradition continues”

Vassalo has plans to move back to Italy, where he will continue to be a circus performer.

The Ringling Bros. circus will hold its last show in Baltimore on April 30 at the Royal Farms Arena. Visit Ticketmaster for information on tickets.

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