Baltimore Physicians’ Earn Less Than Most Physicians Working In Other U.S. States, According To New Survey


According to a survey conducted by Doximity, a healthcare professional social network, Baltimore physicians’ salaries are among the lowest in the nation, even though the city is home to one of a state-of-the-art teaching and medical institutions.

The findings revealed doctors working within the United States earned on average $281,005 annually. Only in Durham, North Carolina ($278,398) and Ann Arbor, Michigan ($267,598) did physicians report lower salaries than Baltimore, Maryland.


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Charlotte, North Carolina-based physicians received the highest pay, making on average $359,455 annually.

The survey did not focus on the factors that caused the salaries to differ. However, the vice president of Doximity and co-author, Joe Davis, suggested that Johns Hopkins Hospital, along with a number of academic hospitals tend to pay its physicians less, which could be a major factor associated with the lower salaries in the Baltimore market.

Another factor could be that the region has plenty of physicians, so the salaries are not as competitive. Lower-cost and rural cities incline to pay much better, because it is likely that it is needed to attract physicians to the area.

Baltimore-area female physicians also received lower average salaries, making on average $226,048 annually. However, the region had one of the smallest gender wage gaps in the nation, with female physicians earning 24 percent less than male doctors.

Sacramento, California has the small wage gap, where female physicians earned 19 percent less than their colleagues. The reasons behind the wage gap are not known, but drawing attention to it could very well prompt other researchers to investigate it more.

The results were based on the surveys of 36,000 licensed physicians that work on average 40 hours a week. Responses were received over a three-year period from 2014-2017.

The findings also revealed that U.S.-trained physicians make 2.5 percent ($8,300) more than foreign-trained physicians.

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