Baltimore Officials Strike A Deal With Activists To Move ‘Tent City’ To A Temporary Shelter


The makeshift “tent city” in front of Baltimore’s City Hall was established for the purpose of bringing attention to poverty and homelessness in the city. Homeless activists constructed tent city, which housed 55 people experiencing homelessness.

On Wednesday, Baltimore officials announced those individuals living in the 30 tents would be relocated to a temporary shelter and will work to find them permanent housing as soon as possible.

Homeless In Baltimore
Image: Southern Christian Leadership Conference

In an effort to remove illegal guns from the streets, the City Council approved a bill that would impose a mandatory one-year jail sentence for gun offenders. Dozens rallied against the controversial bill outside the council chambers, demanding city leaders to focus on the issues that cause crime.

The protest, organized by Baltimore Southern Christian Leadership Conference, appears to be making some headway, as an agreement has been reached between the organization and the mayor’s office.

Buses transported the residents to the Pinderhughes building in West Baltimore, where city officials will evaluate them for two weeks and then find them permanent housing.

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