Baltimore Officials Seek Answers Following Brooklyn Day Mass Shooting

City officials in Baltimore are seeking answers following a mass shooting during the annual Brooklyn Day community gathering. The incident left two people dead and 28 others injured, making it the most significant shooting in the city since at least 2015.

The shooting occurred at an “un-permitted event” in far south Baltimore, with some questioning the lack of police presence. Acting Police Commissioner Worley has noted that the event was not authorized, and police could not have predicted the violence that would take place.

Councilmembers gathered to discuss the police response and the events that transpired on July 1st, twelve days after the shooting. The community is still reeling from the tragedy, with some calling for increased safety measures and more significant police presence at future events.

Officials are urging anyone with information about the shooting to come forward, and the investigation is ongoing. As the community continues to heal, Baltimore officials are working to ensure residents feel safe and secure in their neighborhoods.

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