Baltimore Officials Provide 70 People The Opportunity To Clear Child Support Warrants


A meeting was held with a family court judge on Saturday at the Baltimore Circuit Court, with over 70 people in attendance seeking an opportunity to avoid arrest. Nearly 700 people were given the opportunity to clear their child support warrants by the Baltimore City sheriff’s office. A new court date was given to all of the attendees, along with a new court date and information on how to connect with services to help them make their payments.


Baltimore Circuit Court


Unpaid child support can result in unemployment, no valid driver’s license, mental health issues and substance abuse. Officials from the Department of Human resources were available to assist the individuals make payment plans.

“This has given individuals an opportunity to come to terms with child-support issues,” said Maj. Sabrina Tapp-Harper, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office. “Many times, they may be in a situation that prevents them from getting that situation taken care of.”

Tapp-Harper went on to say that by providing this opportunity to people that owe unpaid child support, it would save the city and state money.

According to Tapp-Harper, by 3 p.m., 71 people had attended the event and 86 cases had been reconciled. Six people were also arrested for open warrants on criminal cases.

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