Baltimore Motorists Parking In Bus Lanes Will Face $250 Fines

Mayor Catherine Pugh signed a bill into law last week that creates a $250 fine for illegal parking in bus lanes.

As a sponsor of the bill, City Councilman Ryan Dorsey, said the law is aimed to deter motorists from parking in bus lanes, which contributes to delays in the city’s public transportation systems. Police are authorized to have vehicles parked in front of bus stops and in bus lanes towed. The additional penalty will give drivers more initiative to find another parking spot.

Maryland Transit Administration

“This is a way of showing we mean business about prioritizing transportation needs of all users of the roads of Baltimore City, not just owners of cars,” Dorsey said. “I’m really thankful for the mayor’s support.”

The new bill could result in fewer violations and generate approximately $760,000 for the city budget each year, according to a fiscal analysis of the bill.

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