Baltimore Contractors Accidentally Knocked Down A Riverside Rowhouse In An Emergency Demolition


On May 21, Baltimore contractors were performing an emergency demolition on the property at 212 East Fort Avenue, when they accidentally took down an adjacent Riverside rowhouse.

The city had received numerous complaints from neighbors about a crack and bowing exterior wall between the rowhouses. After an inspection, the property was deemed unstable, according to the Baltimore City Department of Housing.The owner of the three-floor rowhouse, TD Development, does business as Charm City Builders and was currently amid redeveloping it

When the city contractors began to bring down the building, a brick wall located on the third floor broke apart and fell onto the roof of the nearby rowhouse at 214 East Fort Avenue, formerly Laundry Mutt. The owner scheduled the building for redevelopment.

The building partially collapsed within seconds, spreading debris and dust everywhere, but no injuries were reported.

Following the incident, city official condemned the building and contractors begin clearing the site on Monday.

The incident is currently being investigated by the Baltimore Department and Housing.

“If a property presents an imminent danger, Baltimore City will take whatever action is necessary to protect the public, including emergency demolition,” said Tania Baker, a spokeswoman for the Housing Department, in a statement. “Precautions are always taken with adjacent properties, in this case ensuring that it was unoccupied.”

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