Baltimore Community Mourns Death Of Dr. Rosetta Stith, Former Head Of Laurence G. Paquin School

Dr. Rosetta Stith, former principal of Laurence G. Paquin School for Pregnant Teenagers, fought for young pregnant women, who were forced to leave school for nearly 40 years. The girls knew Stith as “Doc” or “Dr. Ro”, changed the lives of many teen mothers.

Before the Paquin School closed in 2010, hundreds of young mothers got the opportunity to earn their high school degree, while receiving pre- and post-natal care and parenting classes. The school-based health care facility, established by Stith, served not only the young mothers and their children, but also their families and the young fathers.

Rosetta Stith

In a past interview Stitch said, “I guess I could sum it up this way, God chooses his warriors. When God wants somebody to do his work that’s what he does.”

She never had children of her own, but she was a tremendous advocate for young mothers and their children.

“At Paquin we were expected to be great. We were not bound by our situation,” a former student at Paquin and college graduate, Kenish Pendleton said. “She was a glamorous woman. Her hair was always flawless, her makeup was always there. She was the embodiment of a phenomenal woman.”

“She loved, loved, loved Omari and all of our children,” Pendleton said.

Stith was producer and host of “The Ro Show,” on Baltimore Cable Television and featured in the New York Times and various current affairs television programs, “Geraldo,” “The Ricki Lake Show,” “Crossfire” and “The McLaughlin Group.

Dr. Rosetta Stith’s memorial service will be held Saturday, June 17 at 3 p.m. at the Vaughn C. Greene Funeral Home.

Vaughn C. Green Funeral Home (Randallstown)
8728 Liberty Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21133

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