Baltimore City Reaches Settlement With The Family Of 9-Year-Old Darius Clark

On Wednesday, Baltimore’s Boards of Estimates approved an additional $75,000 payment for the family of 9-year-old Darius Clark.

In 2015, Clark suffered a fall while attending Gwynns Falls Elementary School. He was transported to a nearby hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries four days later.

The $75,000 will increase the total settlement to $225,000, as city officials had previously approved a $150,000 payment.School officials blamed the Clark’s death on a medical condition, which led to the fall. But, his parents later sued the health aide employed with the school for wrongful death. The family’s attorney questioned whether school officials could have responded quicker to help Clark.

“As a human, you have to empathize with what the family is going through,” said acting City Solicitor David Ralph. “As a representative of all family, you have to weigh that against what is in the taxpayers’ best interest.

“I didn’t think a trial would serve either party. …A Young person tragically died at school. That is unfortunate no matter how you slice it.”

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