Bacon Brothers Take Part in Annapolis Stream Restoration Project

The Bacon Brothers, a musical duo comprised of actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael, recently took part in a stream restoration project in Annapolis, according to The Capital Gazette. The project, which the Chesapeake Bay Foundation organized, aims to restore the health and vitality of local streams and waterways.


The Bacon Brothers joined a group of volunteers to plant trees and shrubs along the stream bank, which helps to prevent erosion and improve water quality. The project is part of a more significant effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay watershed, impacted by pollution and development.

Protecting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

The Bacon Brothers’ involvement in the stream restoration project highlights the importance of protecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Chesapeake Bay is one of the largest estuaries in the world and is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species.

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However, the bay has been impacted by pollution from agriculture, industry, and urban development, which has led to a decline in water quality and the health of local ecosystems. The restoration project is part of a more significant effort to protect the Chesapeake Bay and ensure it remains a vibrant and healthy ecosystem for generations.

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