Baby African Penguin Chicks At Baltimore Zoo Take A Plunge For The First Time


Last week, the Penguin Coast staff decided that it was time for seven endangered African penguin chicks to join the rest of the colony in the outdoor pool. The chicks, Sputnik, Hubble, Luna, Hydra, Sirius, Io and Apollo, were born at the zoo in October and November, so they had to wait until they were old enough to keep up with older juvenile and adult penguins.At first the chicks hesitated to get into the pool, but it wasn’t long before they were brave enough to take their first dive underwater. Of course, they continued to stick together throughout their swim, which is only normal since they have shared the same home for several months now.

During the 2016-17 breeding season, five more penguin chicks were born, but they are still waiting their turn to make their public debut.

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