Asuka defeats Charlotte Flair

Asuka defeats Charlotte Flair before being challenged by Sasha Banks for Extreme Rules

WWE champion and the apple of many eyes Asuka defeated, ‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair and this is the first time recorded in the History of WWE champion Charlotte. This history got written on Monday night. This fight was already in discussion since quite a long time and people were waiting for it. Although the fight took time and it was worth watching and in fact, it was interesting. 

WWE RAW Results: Asuka defeats charlotte Flair to retain her title

People are astounded that even after getting attacked by Nia Jax, Charlotte Flair decided to play this fight. She fought against Asuka with her left arm highly taped up. So when the bell rang the Empress of Tomorrow took the fight to the Queen and her injured arm was targeted. 

Although, Charlotte did her best in giving cut-throat competition even with her left injured arm. But whenever Charlotte tried to get up she was sheerly defeated and got heated. Even after the break, Charlotte was all ready to give a tough competition and balance herself this time.  When Charlotte hit Asuka, she was quick in recovering and balancing this fight. When Charlotte got trapped she tried to fight back. Charlotte Flair also threw dice and tried trapping Asuka but she was already injured so she could not make this move the way she wanted. But she had no choice but to only respond lightly to the trapped movie. 

WWE RAW Results: Sasha Banks challenges Asuka to a title match at Extreme Rules

This match was one of most awaited matches because Asuka was challenged by Sasha Banks and luckily she even gotta win this match. We often have witnessed such a moment that WWE stars are easily get challenged and even provoked for a fight. They are easily found to fight against each other or throw challenges. On the other hand, Sasha has also admitted that she is extremely jealous of Bayley’s two titles and also showed a desire for a title match. And then she challenged this match to win and fight against Charlotte. It was hardly expected that Asuka would accept it but she did so and even won a victory over it. The Empress of Tomorrow entered the ring and accepted the challenge before being laid out by the Tag- Team Champions. 

Well, fans of both Asuka and Charlotte came to cheer them up and also see how the fight takes a turn. Charlotte is a champion of WWE so it was hard to expect she would be defeated. But she also took the challenge when she was injured and hence it proved to be a wrong decision. But as Charlotte is a champion, she truly fought this match very well and the way she played it does not matter. Whereas Asuka won the championship for the first time and it was her celebration day. The whole match was so interesting that it gathered more attention than ever.

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