Archive 81

Archive 81: Can time travel help dan save his family?

This is Archive 81. Archive 81 is a tv program that follows the lives of six adults living in an underground bunker as they try to start over after nuclear war devastates the world above ground. The show features all of your famous stars like Tania Raymonde, Jamie McShane, and Tony Krantz!

Who Are The Characters In Archive 81?

The characters in Archive 81 are Tania Raymonde, Jamie McShane, Tony Krantz, Madison Pettis, Michael B. Jordan, and Sarah Wayne Callies. Tania Raymonde plays the role of Rachel, who is a tough and independent woman trying to start over. Jamie McShane portrays the character of John, who is a kind-hearted man looking for love. Tony Krantz stars as David, the leader of the group and father figure to all. Madison Pettis plays Jesse, a young girl trying to find her way in life. Michael B. Jordan takes on the role of Mark, an ex-convict with a dark past. Finally, Sarah Wayne Callies rounds out the cast as Karen, a mother struggling to protect her children.

What Can We Expect From Archive 81?

The plot of Archive 81 is that the world has been destroyed by nuclear war and six adults are living in an underground bunker trying to start over. Each episode has a new Archive 81 tape, which will be revealed at the beginning of every show. This is where we learn about different events that have taken place in Archive 81’s history.

A sneak peek into Archive 81 TV Show:

The first season focused on David as he becomes increasingly paranoid and obsessed with finding out who was murdering people from inside the facility. He suspects one person but doesn’t know for sure until later episodes when his suspicions are confirmed by evidence found on an Archive 80 tape (which reveals what happened two weeks before). As time goes on it appears that Mark may actually not be guilty and this infuriates David even more so than ever before.- hane portrays the character of John.

Archive 81 is set in a future where the world’s climate has changed dramatically, leaving the planet almost uninhabitable. A large corporation named Archive has been formed to store humanity’s memories of the past in underground vaults, in the hopes that one day people will be able to access them again. The show follows Archive employees as they work to preserve history and protect the memories of mankind. The second season follows David as he moves up through Archive ranks and eventually becomes head of security for Archive 81. He continues to investigate the murders that took place in Archive 80 (the first season) and soon realizes that things are not always what they seem. As he gets closer to finding out who is responsible for the deaths.

What Do People Say About Archive 81?

” Archive 81 is a mystery that’s worth the wait.”—CinemaBlend

” It’s got an emotional core and its own take on what it means to be alive in this world, which grounds everything else nicely.” — AV Club

– (Season One Review) ” Archive 81 has one of the most interesting premises I have heard in a while. If you are looking for something new to watch, give Archive 81 a shot!” – The TV Junkies  ( Season finale review ) ” Archive 81 isn’t just some passing curiosity or great premise; it actually delivers .” – Consequence Of Sound  ( Episode ten review ) Why should you back Archive 81? Over two years ago we set out with nothing.

Archive 81 was a crazy idea on paper. Archive 81 is the culmination of thousands of hours of work from all over the world, from artists who believed in us and our vision for Archive 81. We have assembled cast & crew across five continents to bring Archive 81 into existence. Over two years ago we set out with nothing. Archive 81 was a crazy idea on paper. Archive 81 is the culmination of thousands of hours of work from all over the world, from artists. Who believed in us and our vision for Archive eighty-one: an audio drama podcast. That combines elements found in genres such as science fiction, horror, mystery and thriller. While exploring human nature through stories inspired by real historical events/mysteries within archive recordings hosted at The Internet Archive’s website.

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