Archer Season 13

Archer Season 13 Renewal Dates and Other Details

There’s no waiting for the next season of Archer. The animated series has been renewed for a thirteenth installment (Archer Season 13), which will air on FXX.

The twelfth season is currently running and the new episodes are being broadcast weekly on sister network FXX. All this would have made more sense if you were already caught up with Season 12.

Archer is an American adult animated sitcom that follows the exploits of a dysfunctional intelligence agency. The show was created by Adam Reed and has aired on FX since 2009, with new episodes premiering on FXX in 2017. Archer has been renewed for a thirteen-season, with the twelfth season premiering on August 25th, 2021.


Archer Season 13 was Renewed in September 2021

There was a chill and excitement for the ongoing season of Archer. It was announced that the show had been renewed for a thirteenth season before Season 12 concluded.

Nevertheless, we have a piece of great news for the fans of Archer as the show has been renewed for a thirteenth season. The twelfth season premiered on August 25th, 2021. Fortunately, fans are now happy that they can watch new episodes every week next year as well.

However, the twelfth season of Archer has been planned to end on October 6, 2021. We are expecting the show to have its season 13 in 2022. There is still much to wait for the fans of Archer. But let’s hope that Season 13 will be worth it.

The Archer will stream on FXX like the previous seasons. On the other hand, the latest episodes will be available to binge on FX on Hulu from the next day.


FX has Observed an Increase in Viewership After the Releasing of Archer

The fans of the show are excited to hear this. And it is true that Archer has seen a significant increase in its viewership across all platforms since moving to FXX and Hulu. According to the company, “Archer” is averaging about one million viewers per episode on FX through September 19th. Up from around 750,000 during Season 11 when it was airing.

The viewers have been excited for the new seasons of the Archer. The show has received positive reviews from critics. The release on FXX has helped the network to be a lot more competitive in its early time slot. Also helping it compete with other late-night cable networks for adults.

We are expecting season 13 of Archer to be as big as before.


Expected Plotline for the Upcoming Season of the Archer

However, we know the show spins around superspy Sterling Archer and his co-workers at the dysfunctional intelligence agency.

The show has been on a long hiatus, and we are expecting season 13 of Archer to be exciting. The new season will probably pick up from where it leaves off before going into a break in 2021. We can also expect some more changes in the series.

In the ongoing season of Archer, we are seeing a spy conglomerate known as IIA, International Intelligence Agency facing the Archer and his team. Probably, we will see some more from this new enemy.

In the last season of Archer, we saw a pre-titles sequence where a lot happened in just one minute. We can expect something similar for this upcoming next season as well. It would be interesting to see what happens to all our favorite characters and how they continue with their lives.

In the new season of the Archer, we might see new enemies for the protagonist. We can expect some interesting twists in this upcoming next season of Archer. Nevertheless, it’s really good for fans who are waiting to see their favorite characters on screen again with new adventures and situations.


Who will be Voicing the Characters of Archer in Season 13?

H. Jon Benjamin has been the voice of Sterling Archer for a long time. He is expected to voice the character again in the upcoming thirteenth season of Archer. The other cast members are also likely to return for voicing their characters again. So fans should be happy with this news too.

We will also have Aisha Tyler voice the character of Lana Kane. We are expecting Jessica Walter to voice Malory Archer, Judy Greer for Cheryl/Carol Tunt, and Chris Parnell for Cyril Figgis. Certainly, we will have more artists from previous seasons returning in season 13.

There will possibly be a replacement for Malory as Jessica Walter passed away in March 2021. We are waiting for more updates on this.

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