Archeologist Dig In Brooklyn May Settle Mystery Of Grave Belonging To Maryland Soldiers


It’s been two centuries since the battle of the American Revolution and many Marylanders are still wondering what really happened to the 400 soldiers from Annapolis, Baltimore and beyond. As the mystery deepens, archaeologists are digging up a concrete lot in Brooklyn, N.Y. to see is the mass grave lies there, as many have claimed.

The “Maryland 400” soldiers fought in the American Revolutionary war and died while preventing the British soldiers from putting an end to America’s rebellion as it started.

mass grave maryland soldiers

The lot at 9th Street and 3Rd Avenue was eventually purchased by New York City. It was presumed that the Maryland soldiers’ remains were concealed under the concrete. The lot will soon be the home of a pre-kindergarten school, but before this happens archaeologists will perform a thorough investigation of the area.

Preservationists call the alleged mass grave “an undignified resting place” and have requested an archaeological investigation of the lot near an American Legion post.

The site was acknowledged in 1952, as New York State officials hung up a placard to honor the fallen soldiers. A sign was added later on that designates the concrete lot as a “presumed” burial ground.

Over the years, the private owners of the lot have blocked any exhumation attempts. Historians have questioned the theory since rumors began to circulate.

The archaeological investigation is underway and a report, which will solve the mystery, is due after the dig is complete.

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