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APAC Business Headlines Cover: Allied Wallet and CEO Andy Khawaja Featured

Dr. Andy Khawaja, who happens to be the CEO of Allied Wallet has now become the “talk of the nation, or to be more appropriate, the world.” It is basically a global leading provider of mainstream online payment processing, and is recently rising up to the peak of success through leaps and bounds. He was recently featured on the cover of APAC Business Headlines in an article that was entitled, “Meet the Future of the Payment.” This article would definitely serve as an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs as it reveals the journey of Allied Wallet and the deep insights of the organization.

APAC Business Headlines: Key innovator, Dr Andy Khawaja

APAC Business Headlines is titled as a knowledge platform for the industry leaders and professionals. It is certainly a hub for inspiration wherein the speakers come up to share their experiences, ideas, and advice with others. Indeed, this serves as one of the best ways through which one can share his or her growth graph. Alongside, it becomes easier for others to put an emphasis on the working module of the industry. With an emphasis on technology, APAC Business Headlines has highlighted the growth prospects of Allied Wallet and how much the payment industry has become a global hub for innovation. In the issue that was held very recently, they featured Allied Wallet and its founder and key innovator, Dr. Andy Khawaja.

In this issue, Dr. Andy Khawaja gives an inside look into Allied Wallet and how he has raised this empire to become so successful. He even puts an emphasis on the reasons for which the Asian market is so important to e-commerce and its growth. Besides, APAC Business Headlines states that Andy Khawaja puts his stands to his statement as well as he considers the place for his customers to be in the hearts of the operations. Further, he puts the limelight on the Allied Wallet and its corporate social responsibility efforts. He believes that there’s a lot beyond than just business, and thus, his organization works for supporting organizations that serve children, animals, police officers, and humanitarian relief.

APAC Business Headlines: Allied Wallet offers “best-in-class” payment solutions

Allied Wallet has always demonstrated a philanthropic effort, and this was clearly evident since the start of the organization. He said that right since the beginning of this empire, he decided to work for the sake of the society he lives in, and he has inculcated the same value in the minds of his team members as well.

APAC Business Headlines further added that Allied Wallet has successfully outperformed all its competitors and thus, has successfully stood out in the list of the leading payment solution providers. Dr Andy Khawaja ends his speech on a thanking note to APAC Business wherein he feels proud that the latter has not just seen his business, but also admired his contributions to the society.

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