Allied Wallet and Dr Andy Khawaja sponsored Football Star Team Charity

Andy khawaja
Andy khawaja

The CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr Andy Khawaja has mentioned in a lot of his public speeches that being a CEO is not an easy task. There are a lot of responsibilities that come along with it. He further mentions that today allied wallet has grown up to become a global leading provider in the field of online credit Card processing, but the journey was not as simple as it looks like! He mentions that the organisation has achieved quite a lot of success and a good name and fame in the industry as of now, but it is only because of the strong work and dedication that has helped it go all this while! Allied Wallet went on making advances in the field of technology and it priotitizes the significance of innovation too much. In his publications, he said that today Allied wallet is being recognised as a top notch payment service company but it wasn’t so years ago. Hence, he urges the young entrepreneurs to have their patients so that they can continue giving their hard work and dedication to the organisation and only then will they be able to achieve such heights of success. 

Andy Khawaja sponsoring the  Star Team Charity

Allied Wallet is one of the major sponsors for Star Team Charity. It is basically a major figure in the celebrity football game that is held in Monaco. The World Stars Football March did take place between the two sides. On one was the Star Team MC and the other one is the Formula 1 Drivers Team. This match would even feature names such as the Claudi Ranieri, Felipe Massa, Max Verstappen, Prince Albert of Monaco and Fernando Alonso. The primary purpose of the Star Team is to accumulate the funds for the Monaco Charity Associations. The mission of the team is to help the underprivileged children all over the world. Also, the Star Team is going to be recognised by the Monegasque Government in the name of a sports association. This purpose of this is to assist the kids all over the globe for conducting more than 50 events. 

Andy Khawaja boosting up the vibes among the youth

Dr Andy Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet has been influencing the customers and merchants all across the globe. The sole purpose of sponsoring this event is to influence the young minds who have been dreaming to grow as entrepreneurs in the coming days and certainly the economy of the nation needs more of such people and talents to flourish. One of the events among them is the Action Innocence which was held in that of Geneva in Switzerland. He further mentions that it is our duty to give back to the society that has done so much for us. He also states that it is our responsibility to help the underprivileged kids to grow!

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