American Energy Corporation’s Bankruptcy Could Leave 358 Without Jobs In Beallsville, Ohio

The American Energy Corporation has submitted a WARN with the Ohio Department of Workforce Development. The letter explains that the company has been trying to sell its assets after its recent bankruptcy filing. The company does not know when the sale will occur or which employees will be offered employment. The company operates in the coal industry and provides coal mining services.

The notice was provided in the event that the buyer does not offer employment to all American Energy Corporation employees. It is located at 43521 Mayhugh Hill Road in Beallsville, Ohio. All employees who may be impacted were notified that they may be laid off on June 2, 2020 or within fourteen days after that date. If a purchaser does not offer employment to these individuals, the employees will be laid off and there will be no bumping rights.

A list of impacted employees and other details can be found here.

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