Amazon Down? Shoppers And Sellers Experience Issues With Certain Listings


On Saturday, Amazon sellers and buyers took to message boards, forums, and social media to complain about problems plaguing many listings on the website. The first complaint appeared on Amazon’s Seller Central Forum early Saturday claiming that certain listings were not showing the appropriate details regarding buying options. The forum thread “Listing not showing up when clicking see all sellers if you are the only seller” was posted 15 hours ago. When visiting certain Amazon listings, consumers may find a box in the corner with a button to “See All Buying Options”.

amazon glitch

They’ll also see a link near the middle of the screen showing the number of sellers offering the item. Finally, they can click on the link “Available from these sellers.” to find information about the 3rd-party sellers offering these items. This is supposed to show the buyer more details including who is selling the item, how much it’ll cost, when it’ll be delivered, and other information.

amazon website problem

On Saturday, many were unable to access this information. When clicking on “See All Buying Options”, they were receiving a generic response such as “Currently, there are no other sellers matching your location and / or item specification.” making it impossible for the buyer to purchase the item in question.

According to some 3rd-party sellers on the Amazon Seller Central Forum, their sales had dropped as much as 150% or to 1/20 due to the flaw. Despite the complaint being posted earlier Saturday, the problem remains. One poster, MMF, claims to have called Amazon on the phone and spoke with a representative from captive team who confirmed it is a site-wide glitch and the engineers are working on it.

amazon glitch fix

Until the problem is fixed, there is a possible workaround. Users can right click on “these sellers” and choose to open the link in a new tab.

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