Allied Wallet’s Founder Dr. Andy Khawaja: Innovating Online Payment Security – Featured on Silicon Review Cover

Allied Wallet’s Founder Dr. Andy Khawaja: Innovating Online Payment Security - Featured on Silicon Review Cover

Allied Wallet is a globally leading provider in the field of online payment processing. The CEO Andy Khawaja is well known for his expertise in the field of digital payments wherein the company is known for offering various payment solutions across 196 countries all across the world. Allied Wallet was recently featured in Silicon Review magazine. The publisher talks about the organization and the journey of the CEO towards making it such a success, worth a multi-billion dollar today. Furthermore, the company’s CEO talks about his journey and how this company has adapted all the changes Allied Wallet has been innovating payments since the year 2002 and the company offers simpler and flexible payments all across the globe to make sure that the customers are able to get the best facilitation in terms of payments. 

Dr Andy Khawaja made his vision turn true

Dr Andy Khawaja started working with a top-notch company right since its foundation and he says that the payment gateway has been a vision for him. His journey was not at all smooth and he had to take it up as a challenge. There were several complications along the journey but nothing could stop him from achieving his dreams and turning them into a reality. Allied Wallet and its team have been making continuous efforts with this state-of-the-art payment gateway. The organization has come up with Artificial Intelligence system, and it accommodates a massive amount of transactions in just a second. He went on saying that he is always after incorporating the best of the technologies, and thus, Allied Wallet is working out to make sure that there is no shortage in terms of offering the best service to the merchants and consumers across the globe. 

Allied Wallet examines and reviews each transaction data

With the growing threat of cyber-crimes, it becomes a matter of concern for the clients all over the world to ensure that there is no breach of data by any chance. As a result, the global clientele is always focused to assure that their data and privacy policies are taken care of! The advanced protocol is meant to take care of identifying, examining and reviewing each and every data of the transaction appropriately, so as to look after the loop holes, if there are any! Besides, this innovation is there to note the consumers’ usage and security concerns, thereby holding it true and safe for both the merchants and the customers. He adds on saying that he has been expanding Allied Wallet with different branches at various locations, just to ensure that the company has a global presence. Last but not the least, he counts the efforts and contributions of the organization and mentions that he is indeed very proud to own such a strong team, and it is certainly the efforts of the team that has helped him go this far!

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